All You Need For Road Cycling

Everyone rides for a reason. For some it may be the thrill of launching an attack on the road. For others it may be about finding roads less travelled with the open air flowing. And for some, it’s all about keeping healthy. Whatever the reason, we all share the same passion and love for bikes. It’s not just a bike, it’s our way of life. With carefully selected brands from around the world, we’re here to keep you peddling and achieve your goals.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a beginner road cyclist need?

A taste of adventure! Cyclists are adventurers by nature. Weather doesn’t bother them and they are curious as to what lies beyond the next bend and over the next mountain climb. A beginner cyclist should bring optimism and curiosity.

Should I get a MTB or road bike?

Mountain bikes (MTB) are built for adventure off road riding. Road bikes are not as versatile as a MTB but will get you from A to B in half the time as they are built for speed.

A road bike is typically lightweight and built for riding on sealed roads. Most road bikes have drop bars (racing handle bars) and a wide range of gearing (however fewer than a MTB bike would have). Road bikes also have skinny tyres, which equals greater speed.

The MTB is built for riding on gravel or dirt, with front suspension to absorb the shocks of riding over rough terrain. MTB tires are much larger in diameter to give you grip on dirt roads. They also have a wider gearing range which allows you to conquer the steepest dirt climbs without having to hop off and walk.

What should I know before buying a road bike?

There is a much wider range of road bikes today than ever before. What’s most important is that you get fitted correctly and you find a bike that fits your purpose. This might be commuting to work, or maybe you’re looking for a racing bike. As the options today are vast, we recommend you visit your local retailer to talk through your requirements and options.

What should you wear on a road bike?

Comfort and functionality are a must.

Most importantly, if you’re riding for longer than one hour you need to invest in some comfortable riding shorts, or what are called knicks. These have internal padding called a chamois that will make your ridding experience so much more comfortable.

Secondly, you will need a sweat wicking undershirt and cycling jersey. If you’re riding a road bike chances are you’re keen to ride faster than you normally do, which equals perspiration. Wearing an appropriate top and undershirt will ensure you arrive at your destination dry and your clothing not saturated with sweat.

For tips on dressing for winter or in rainy conditions you can watch the below videos.



What accessories do you need for a road bike?

If you’re riding a road bike then chances are you’re riding on skinny tyres, which equals a greater chance of having a puncture. So rule number one is bring a spare inner tube, pump and tyre levers so that in the event you have a puncture you can quickly change the inner tube and carry on riding.

And all riders will also need a water bottle cage and water bottle. For words of advice on nutrition from former Tour Down Under winner, Pat Jonker, you may wish to read the following blog The Best Cycling Nutrition During Riding: What to consume and when

Why are road bike seats so hard?

Scientists have worked out that your body weight while cycling is supported on the two bumps on your bottom or your “sit bones”. So having a super soft bike seat means that your weight would be supported by soft tissue, which after an hour of riding would cause a lot of discomfort and irritation. If you are using an ergonomically designed bicycle seat (so a harder surface) then your weight is supported by your sit bones to ensure you have a far more comfortable riding experience.

For a review of the SAN Marco Short Fit Saddle, you can read the following blog Best Bike Seats - SAN Marco Short Fit Saddle


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