New to SiS: Optimal Nutrition for Peak Performance

New to SiS: Optimal Nutrition for Peak Performance

Embark on a Journey of Scientifically-Driven Sports Nutrition

At Science in Sport (SiS), we're not just about creating sports nutrition products; we're about pushing the boundaries of science and nutrition to enhance your performance. Collaborating closely with elite athletes across various disciplines, our goal is to be the undisputed leader in endurance nutrition. Achieving the status of the world's number one endurance nutrition brand requires more than just ambition. It demands world-class knowledge, relentless product development, rigorous testing, and the trust of our athletes. Every product, every performance, every innovation, and every moment of inspiration at SiS is FUELLED BY SCIENCE.

Our Mission: Excellence in Every Aspect

Our commitment at SiS is to excel in:

  • World-Class Innovation: Driven by cutting-edge science, our innovations break new ground in sports nutrition.

  • Expert Knowledge Delivery: We equip our athletes with world-class knowledge to enhance their performance.

  • Highest Standard of Banned Substance Control: Athletes can trust our products for safety and compliance.

    Our Core Need States: Tailored Nutrition for Every Athlete

    Understanding the demands of your event and the nutritional principles required to excel, we've developed our product range to cater to five core needs:

  • Energy: Fuel your training or event with our GO Energy Powders, Gels, and Bars, available in various flavours, to keep your energy levels topped up.

  • Hydration: Essential for performance, our GO Hydro products offer a convenient way to maintain hydration. For additional energy needs, our GO Electrolyte Powder & GO Energy + Electrolyte Gels provide both sodium and carbohydrates.

  • Recovery: Our REGO Rapid Recovery products, including the original blend and the premium REGO Rapid Recovery Plus, offer a comprehensive mix of Protein, Carbohydrate, Electrolytes, Vitamins, and Minerals to support muscle recovery and overall health.

  • Rebuild: Rebuild and repair muscles with our range of proteins, including Whey Protein, Whey Protein Isolate, Overnight Protein, Protein Bars, and the innovative WHEY20.

  • Athlete Health: Maintain optimal health with our Athlete Health range, formulated to support injury prevention and overall well-being. Explore our articles on Vitamin D3, Omega 3, Joint Care, and more.

    Expert Advice at Your Fingertips

    Maximise your performance with insights from our nutrition and training experts. Use our ‘Athlete Advice’ section for the latest science behind our range and comprehensive nutrition guides. Explore our Advanced Nutrition Guide for an interactive overview of our entire range. Have a specific question? Reach out to us at, and we'll be happy to assist.

    Ready to Elevate Your Performance with Science in Sport?

    Discover the difference that scientifically-formulated nutrition can make in your training and competition. Explore the Science in Sport range today and join a community of athletes who trust SiS for their nutritional needs.