BikeChain-City Cycling
BikeChain-City Cycling

All You Need For City Cycling

City biking is becoming ever more popular. Commuter and e-bikes have some clear advantages - who doesn’t love saving money on public transport or beating a traffic jam? And then there’s sneaking health benefits into your daily commute, a triple win. But best of all is getting out for a leisurely ride with some friends, you can’t beat fresh air and adventure. To get ready for your next adventure, whether work-day, weekend, long or short - we have you covered.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a road bike and a commuter bike?

A commuter bike is designed to help transport you from A to B, along with everything you need for your day, safely, in comfort, and with the option to carry extra cargo such as bags and baskets.

A road bike on the other hand is designed for riding as a sport, with a focus on helping you go as fast as possible and for as long as possible, with very little option for extra cargo and compromised comfort for aerodynamics.

What bike accessories do I need for commuting or for my e-bike?

To keep you safe you’ll need a helmet and lights. To help you stay hydrated you’ll need bottle cages and bottles. To carry your shopping, laptop, spare clothing and the like, you’ll want bag/s or a basket to help transport these safely. Putting your cargo onto the bike instead of your back helps lower your centre of gravity, take stress off your back, and help keep you cool on your ride!

What do you wear on an electric bike?

If going for a short leisurely ride, good news! You can wear whatever you like. For longer commutes or rides, we recommend wearing a lighter weight, breathable and flexible garment. Adding a pair of padded cycling specific undershorts is also an easy way to add some extra comfort to your ride. If it’s raining, we recommend a waterproof but breathable jacket and over-trousers, the BBB Delta Series is perfect for this, and even has a waterproof over-short if you prefer.

What kind of helmet do I need for an electric bike?

There are helmets specifically designed for e-bikes, such as the BBB Indra, these are designed to help keep you safe whilst also protect you from the elements. Having a more enclosed helmet offers a greater level of protection from the elements, whilst still keeping you cool on a hot day with internal venting. /


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