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We provide a great selection of top-brand Campagnolo Road and Gravel groupsets, so you can build the perfect ride with complete confidence. Shop now and enjoy the quality of this world-renowned brand.

EKAR Mechanical Disc

Born atop Mt Ekar: Campagnolo's pioneering quick release lever has its roots in the Passo Croce D’Aune climb, and their newest gravel-inspired groupset, Ekar was born at the same locale of their present headquarters. From asphalt to trails, climbs to descents; each ride brings with it unique surfaces and conditions that change over the seasons. With spirit of adventure and freedom embodied in every ride, Ekar emulates the distinct challenges presented by gravel. Mt Ekar’s influence goes beyond physicality; it represents the spirit of riding gravel, of adventure, and of freedom.

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Super Record EPS Rim

Super Record EPS Rim Brake, the pinnacle of Campagnolo® innovation stemming from its technologies, materials and expertise in design, cements its status as a leader by transitioning to a 12-speed version. This much sought after groupset, that has seen success at the Giro d'Italia, Vuelta, World Championships and many other races on the World Tour circuit is now available with V4 Power Unit components and interface. It has been updated to meet the new 12-speed technological frontier with 11-29 and 11-32 cassette options in its mechanical version.

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Super Record EPS Disc

With its trusted disc brake system and the addition of a 12-speed drivetrain, Campagnolo Super Record EPS has once again solidified its position as one of the most sought after performance and quality offerings for serious cyclists. Quick shifting, precise action, minimal effort on the rider's part and a smooth gear ratio are just some of the outstanding features that make this groupset stand out from the competition, alongside its reliable braking power and adjustable AMS and Reach adjustment management settings.

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Super Record Mechanical Disc

The Super Record 12x2 Speed Disc Brake groupset from Campagnolo is their most advanced offering to date. It is designed for cyclists who want superior performance and a unique look. Featuring an innovative 3D Embrace-enabled rear derailleur that ensures maximum traction even on the smallest sprockets, combined with Campagnolo's powerful Disc Brake technology, this groupset delivers unbeatable stopping power and control.

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Super Record Mechanical Rim

The Super Record 12x2 Speed Rim Brake groupset from Campagnolo® stands out for its ultra-lightweight yet sturdy build. This pinnacle of Italian engineering represents the utmost in performance and distinction with every detail carefully crafted to perfection. It is a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of progress and innovation, utilising cutting-edge technologies, quality materials, and expert craftsmanship that set it apart from other offerings. It is truly the ultimate expression of Campagnolo® excellence.

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Record Mechanical Disc

Campagnolo's relentless pursuit of innovation has resulted in the launch of a revolutionary 12-speed Record Disc Brake groupset, set to revolutionise the world of mechanical transmissions.

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Record Mechanical Rim

Campagnolo continues to innovate and the range of drivetrains has been enhanced with a new, sophisticated component: The 12-speed Record™ mechanical groupset. This iconic brand is renowned for its success in professional and amateur cycling races throughout the years. Its superior quality processing, technology, and premium materials have helped it secure victory after victory as a unique trademark product.
The versatility and reliability of this groupset make it an ideal choice for cyclists of all levels looking to get ahead of the competition. Campagnolo's commitment to excellence ensures that its products will provide superior performance each time you ride. With its record-setting standards, the new 12-speed Record™ mechanical groupset is sure to help you get your best results.

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Chorus Mechanical Disc

Campagnolo continues its cutting-edge technical advancements with the launch of their 12-speed Record Disc Brake groupset. This new era of mechanical transmissions allows for unparalleled versatility and reliability, all without compromising on dimensions and compatibility with existing bikes and wheels. Every component was examined to make improvements to its performance before being integrated into this revamped groupset. The result is a set that will push the boundaries of cycling technology even further.

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Chorus Mechanical Rim

With the 12-speed Campagnolo Record groupset, cyclists can experience unparalleled versatility and reliability along with the renowned quality of the Italian brand. The twelfth sprocket opens a new era of cycling possibilities, and when matched with Dual Pivot and Direct Mount brakes, riders are provided with powerful braking capabilities even in competitive settings, without sacrificing easy cable tension adjustment or assembly.

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Groupsets for Bicycles

You might not realise but your choice of groupset has a huge impact on the appearance and performance of your bike. Thanks to advanced technology, even lower-level components can provide similar performance as mid-level components from several years ago. With premier brands offering options for all kinds of riders, ranging from novices to pros, now is definitely the best time to purchase! BikeChain offers an extensive range of products from global leader Campagnolo.

What are the components of a full groupset?

  • Crankset (also called the chainset)
  • Bottom Bracket (the bearings in the frame on which the crankset spins)
  • Brake Levers /Shift Levers, usually combine
  • Front Derailleur
  • Rear Derailleur
  • Cassette (the gear sprockets at the rear of the bike)
  • Chain
  • Brakes

    A full groupset usually has all these components working together to provide precise shifting and braking performance. In some cases, you can purchase individual components from different manufacturers to customise your setup. However, buying a complete set from one manufacturer does ensure compatibility between parts and easier installation.

    What groupset for gravel bike?

    We would recommend Campagnolo's new Ekar Mechanical Disc groupset is the perfect choice for gravel riding. Its innovative components and cutting-edge technology have been tailored to provide the best performance in all conditions, allowing riders to tackle any type of terrain with confidence. The ergonomic design ensures that shifting is quick and efficient even when tackling extreme gradients, while a wide range of gearing options makes it easy to find the right combination for any situation. With its strong pedigree on Mt Ekar and its rugged Italian spirit, Campagnolo’s Ekar groupset is ideal for anyone looking to take their gravel riding further. Whether it's all-day adventures or weekend escapes into the mountains, Ekar has you covered!

    How to clean a groupset

    Groupsets are the key components of a bicycle that allow it to run smoothly. Regular cleaning and maintenance of these components can help keep your bike running at its best for years to come. To ensure the best performance from your groupset, you should clean it regularly. Here is what you need to do:

    1. Remove the chain from the bike so that you can access each component more easily. You may need wrenches or other tools depending on how your bike is designed.
    2. Clean each component thoroughly using a degreaser and brush or rag, including the cassette, derailleur, crankset, bottom bracket shell and chain rings. Make sure to get into all crevices and corners to remove any dirt or grime build-up. If you’re in need of cleaning products we’d recommend Morgan Blue, quality product from Belgium.
    3. Rinse off each component with water after degreasing, and dry thoroughly with a rag using circular motions.
    4. Lubricate all metal components with an appropriate bike chain lubricant, making sure to cover the entire surface of each component. Wipe away any excess lube that pools in the crevices of the chainset or bottom bracket shell.
    5. Reassemble the groupset and reinstall it onto your bike's frame. Test out all components to ensure they are operating properly.

    With proper maintenance, you can keep your groupset running smoothly for many years to come!

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