Today more than 60% of the chains and over 20% of the legs in the World Tour peloton circle with Morgan Blue oil. The company is Proudly Family Owned with over 20 Professional Cycling Teams choosing to use Morgan Blue. Morgan Blue produces exceptional quality products for both the bike and the rider. All products are made in-house to their exacting standards to offer the highest level of performance.

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The squeaky wheel may get the grease, but bikes using this brilliant Belgian brand run silently and stealth-like! Since the mid-1990s, this business has kept bikes moving like a dream and no wonder, with over 50 products now in their range. Trusted by 60% of pro cycling teams, this is the King of cleaning. On Bike Chain, you’ll find every Morgan Blue bike wash, degreaser, and lube. We even have chamois cream to keep the body moving smoothly!



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How to properly clean & maintain your bike with Morgan Blue products

The great thing about this brand is it has every possible cleaning product imaginable. Don’t apply soap and water to everything, not when these niche products have been developed to care for specific bike parts. Keeping your gear clean plays a big part in its longevity. So if you’ve invested some serious coin into your bike and bike parts, give them the respect they deserve and invest in some equally serious bicycle cleaning products! Every product comes with specific instructions, so follow the details closely, and your parts will look factory fresh in no time!

Morgan Blue chain cleaner review

Dirty chains create friction on your ride and need more frequent replacing than they would if kept clean. That’s where Morgan Blue chain cleaner comes in super handy. Put your cleaner into a chain cleaning kit and run the chain through a few times. Once you’ve done that, let it sit for five or so minutes. Wash the chain cleaner off, and your gear’s gone from grubby and grimy to good as new! It’s genuinely that easy! It’s no wonder the pros’ mechanics use this by the bucket load.

How to use Morgan Blue maintenance kit

Not a stone has been left unturned in this bike cleaning maintenance kit, which provides you with everything you should need to keep your bike’s moving parts in tip-top shape. Assembled in one very handy 1-litre bucket, you will find:

  • 1-litre chain cleaner
  • 1-litre bike wash - a strong active soap that is developed specifically to keep the bike clean. Contains a protective wax that really brings out the bling of your shiny bike!
  • Race oil - a premium quality lube for bikes containing synthetic additives that help reduce friction, wear and tear and smoothen gear shifting. Just right for all weather conditions.
  • Sponge
  • Cloth
  • Wheel brush
  • Cassette brush
  • Chain brush
  • Cleaning glove - made from delicate but effective microfibre, enabling you to clean the frame without any chance of scratching it.

    Check out this great video on How To Clean Your Bike.

    Explore our range of Morgan Blue cleaning products

    As we mentioned, this brand has a seemingly endless supply of specific cleaning products for specific parts. From Calcium Grease to Carbon Assembly Paste, there’s a particular product for anything you need to be cleaned. However, we’re keen to highlight a couple of our favourites below.

    Aquaproof Paste

    Say hello to Aquaproof Paste, a super handy synthetic grease that is just tippity-top at preventing oxidation in metal parts. Developed especially for smoothly assembling the seat post as well as maintaining bottom brackets, headsets and screws, this grease makes these bike parts waterproof as well!

    Bike Wash Cleaner

    This bike wash is an active cleaner that won’t strip your frame’s paintwork but instead make it sparkle and shine. Leaving no trace, the product is enriched with protective wax components and can even wash your car as well - a genuine two-in-one deal!

    Morgan Blue chamois creams

    As mentioned, this brand doesn’t just keep the bikes running smoothly! Morgan Blue soft chamois cream and solid chamois cream are perfect for keeping your bum and thighs free of friction and the chafing that comes with it. There is also a soft chamois cream for ladies.

    Morgan Blue oil vs race oil, which one best suits you?

    As you now probably expect from this brand, there is no generic product. Why go broad when a specific solution can be created instead? So it depends on the type of riding you do and the conditions as to which oil is best.

  • Racing - Race Oil is the most popular oil in the range and is made for pro teams. Designed to last the distance on long road rides and changing conditions - anything a World Tour race will throw at the chain!
  • Dry conditions - FM Oil that cleans as well as lubricates.
  • Very dry conditions - Dry Wax. Obviously wax-based and perfect for shedding dust and sand and stopping them from sticking to the chain. Apply frequently - probably every other ride.
  • Changing conditions - Extra Dry Lube hugs onto the chain a little more easily than the dry waxes well. Great for MTB and CX.
  • Wet weather - Syn Oil is great for long wet winter rides.
  • Extreme conditions - if it’s pouring and you’re on an endurance ride, opt for Rolls Pro, which will hold onto your chain right the way through.
  • Basic bike lube for the kids bike or the take-down-the-street-to-the-shops bike - everyday Bike Oil and Blue Bio Oil.
    Watch this informative bike oil video with Tom to find out when to use which product.

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