BikeChain-Bring The Family Together
BikeChain-Bring The Family Together

Bring The Family Together

Nothing beats the outdoors for some family fun time. BikeChain’s Family Essentials products help to make the journey safe, organised, comfortable and fun for all family members. Maybe an eco-friendly grocery run with the kids? Or a commute to the local park or beach followed by your local café? There are many ways to enjoy the outdoors, promoting family health and fitness.

We even have a solution for your four-legged family member to join in on the commute and fun!



Explore our range of bags and baskets for biking with kids. Basil’s range has so much to offer for your family commute or outing, keeping your belongings organised and secure. The revolutionary Mounting is Key or MIK system allows you to attach compatible accessories to your bike in a matter of seconds – transportation of the family’s belongings by bike has never been easier.
Basil offers an extensive range of panier bags, backpacks and trunk bags to cart your picnic food and supplies, or crates to bring home produce from the local market before cooking up a feast.

And we can’t forget your pet, a very important member of the family!


Hamax is one of the world’s leading suppliers of child bike seats and bicycle trailers, offering products of premium quality, where safety is priority number one. With Hamax, your kids can travel in comfort and style on your next family outing or adventure.

Hamax’ trailers are perfect for the active family - a bike trailer one minute and stroller the next, the Outback Two can also be converted to a jogging pram (via an additional accessory). Versatility is key to getting our kids out more often and Hamax’ products offer a helping hand to busy families. Why not enjoy the sunshine and fresh air on your next trip to the shops?


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Hamax Trailers, Frequently Asked Questions

Which Hamax bike trailer is right for me?

Each trailer is suited to active parents who are looking to spend time outdoors with their kids. The Traveller and Avenida trailers are appropriate for cycling and walking, and the Outback also converts to a jogging pram (additional accessory).

So if you're a busy parent (and we know all parents are busy!) and you'd like some help to hit your weekly exercise goals while keeping kids entertained then you've come to the right place.

See how our BikeChain staff member uses her Outback throughout the week here

You can also see a full comparison of Hamax bike trailers below

Retail Price $849.95 $899.95 $999.95 $1,449.95 $1,599.95
Max Child Capacity 2 1 2 1 2
Adjustable 5 Point Safety Harness
Insect Mesh Cover
Water Resistant Fabrics
Waterproof Polyester Fabrics
Plush Seat padding
Ultra Plush Padded Seating
Seat Recline Function - 3 Position
Rear Storage Compartment
Foot Operated Park Brake
Hand Operated Park Brake
Fully Adjustable Position Push Handle 2 Position
Cargo Function (seats fold flat)
Quick Release Wheels
Compact Easy Folding for Storage
Adjustable Suspension
Puncture Resistant Refective Tyres
Bike Arm and Stroller Wheel included
Safe 'Easy' Connection Point
Jogger Wheel Compatible
Max Load 47kg/105lb 38kg / 84lb 45kg/99lb 34kg / 74.8lb 40kg / 88 lb

How many children will fit in the trailer? What age is a bike trailer for?

The Treveller trailer is a double trailer (there is no single version). The Avenida and Outback models come in a single and double version. The minimum age for a child to use each trailer is 6 months. The maximum weight of child is 22 kgs / 48.5 lb (please also consider the max load of trailer when carrying two children, this can be viewed above). The maximum child height is 117cm / 3.83ft.

Can you run with a bike trailer?

Each of the Hamax Traveller, Avenida and Outback trailers are not only bike trailers, they can be converted to a stroller. The Outback can also be converted to a jogging pram with purchase of a jogger kit. To convert the trailer to a stroller or jogging pram (as applicable), the bike arm is simply switched for a front wheel. You can view how to use the Outback "Safe Connection Point" here.

Will the trailer provide sun protection and ventilation? Will my child be comfortable?

Each model provides an insect mesh cover and sunshade. The Traveller and Avenida use water resistant fabric, while the Outback uses waterproof polyester fabric.

Large windows provide a great view for your child to keep them entertained. Each trailer provides for a smooth ride for your children - the Avenida uses plush seat padding and the Outback uses ultra plush. The Avenida and Outback also provide adjustable suspension. A three-position seat reclining function is available via the Outback.

Does the bike trailer come with large storage space?

The trailers provide spacious rear storage - there will be no need to hang your bag on the handle or against the side of the stroller. The Outback also provides a cargo function (the seats fold flat).

See what out BikeChain staff member thinks of the storage space in her Outback here.

Is the bike trailer easy to fold down for storage? How do you store your bike trailer?

Each trailer easily folds down for transportation or storage. Each have quick release wheels to save space. Once lying flat, it can be easily stored in your home or a car with sufficient boot space.

See here for a video tutorial to fold the Avenida up and down.

Family Bike Riding

Cycling is a sensational past-time that can be enjoyed by all the family, no matter their age or fitness levels. 

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Benefits of cycling together as a family 

Bike riding is healthy 

Leisurely sport is so good for the body, mind and soul, and cycling is no exception. Getting the family outside into some fresh air and sunlight, perhaps even into the countryside, does wonders for everyone’s wellbeing.

Discovering new places 

Being out and about on the bike is a fabulous way to explore new parks, routes, suburbs, and your general surroundings. Discovering these places by bike can be fun and so much more of a sensory experience than simply getting in the car and heading from point A to point B. Moreover, it can really help establish everyone’s geographical awareness, something you as a parent may be particularly keen to instil in the kids.

Positive & healthy example for kids 

Taking your child or children bike riding sets a terrific example. It passively teaches them an active, enjoyable pastime that we think is way healthier than the equivalent time in front of a screen day-in, day-out (don’t get us wrong - some screen time sure has its advantages!). 

Save money 

This is particularly true if your family is bike riding to commute to school or the shops. The money typically spent on fuel is the obvious budget-saver here. However, who knows where else dollars might be saved? Maybe fewer trips to the doctors because everyone’s feeling so well..? 

Environmentally friendly 

For many of us, our kids are now more in-tune with the environment than we parents are…! Riding instead of driving is not only looking after ourselves, but also looking after our planet as well. As your kids will likely say, every little bit counts! 

Develop important motor, balance and road skills

Getting young ones on bikes as soon as possible (balance bikes are a sensational starting point) is a great way to help develop their motor, coordination, and balance skills. Eventually, with your supervision, getting them out on the road will play an essential role in developing their road traffic awareness and understanding of road rules. And we all know how important that is the moment they can start running around! 

What you need to begin cycling as a family

Your family doesn’t need much to enjoy a session out on the bike. There are essentials, and there are nice-to-haves. We’ll focus on the former: 

Parents and kids bikes

OK, so the obvious one here is a bike. Every member of the family needs to be on a bike that fits them properly and is comfortable for the riding you will do. For instance, you don’t really want the parents on time trial bikes alongside the kids! Hybrids and commuter bikes are just right for the job.  When it comes to the tiny tots, avoid purchasing a bike they will ‘grow into’. This does not make the dollar stretch further; it just makes riding for your child unpleasant at best or dangerous at worst. Kids bikes are made to get you as much bang for buck as long as possible. Contact one of our local bike stores, and they can talk you through the best bike sizes for your child. 

Child seats

The recommended age for kids to ride in a child’s seat is one to four years, although this does depend to a degree on the child’s size. Obviously, toddlers are still too young to be on a bike beyond the safety of your backyard or the local park. As such, get hold of a good quality child seat to affix to one of the parent’s bikes. Hamax really is one of the best baby bike seat brands on the market. Not only are they compatible with most commuter and hybrid bike frames, but they also feature easy adjustments, great safety harness and footrests and natural springing systems to help protect growing spines. 

Bike trailers

A great option for parents with a child or children, bike trailers are perfect for young families commuting to school or the shops. Again, we love Hamax for its excellent safety features, high-quality design and materials, compatibility with bikes and passenger comfort. Choose between one or two passenger carriers. 

Bike flag

A great (and fun!) safety accessory for the kids' bikes, bike flags can be affixed to the bike's rear to help make your child as visible as possible.

Bike mirrors

Bike mirrors are a smart addition to any parent’s bike when you’re out cycling with the kids. Whether they’re in a seat or trailer behind you or on their own bike in-between you and the other parent, mirrors help give you, well, eyes in the back of your head (as we parents keep telling our kids!). 

Bike bells 

In Australia, it is a legal requirement that all bicycles feature a working safety bell. It is also a bit of added fun for the kids, although hopefully, the novelty will eventually wear off for most, and they just use it when they need to! We offer a fantastic range of bells & horns from BBB Cycling and Basil Baskets and Bags, ready to add straight onto your bike!


Again, bike helmets that meet Australia/New Zealand strict safety standards are mandatory for all cyclists here, irrespective of age. Whether the helmet is for a parent or child, it should be a snug fit. Nothing too tight, nothing too loose. The strap should have very little slack and sit close below the chin. Look for helmets with good breathability, ideally some reflective strips and perhaps even a clip-on sun visor for the kids. 

Hi-visibility clothing

Of course, you don’t need to go out and deck the whole family in Lycra! But you will want everyone in hivis clothing so you can all be very easily seen. It’s a good idea to keep the kids in long-sleeved tops and pants as they begin to learn, just to help lessen any gravel rash that might come their way. A fall here and there is all part of the learning and happens to the best of us! 

Contact Us about family bike riding

We love nothing more than seeing all the family out together on a bike! We’re here to answer any questions you may have or help with any recommendations, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.