A versatile child bike trailer – the Hamax Outback

May 24, 2021
A versatile child bike trailer – the Hamax Outback

As a family with young kids aged 2 and 4, we are REALLY busy – just like any family. I’m always on the hunt for fun things to do with the kids to keep them entertained and enjoying the outdoors. It’s not the easiest of tasks, and keeping things fresh and new is hard to do.

During lockdown last year we decided to buy a child bike trailer. We decided on the Hamax Outback Two. And it wasn’t long before I knew I’d be using it far beyond lockdown. My other prams have pretty much sat idle in the garage since we bought the Hamax, simply because its been perfect for so many activities for our kids at their age.

We use the Hamax for trips to the park or shops within walking distance of the house. The storage space is so much bigger than I’d imagined and it’s far greater than any other pram I’ve personally tried. In the past I’d walked back from the shops with a couple of bags hanging from hooks or the handlebar of my pram. Instead, I now place the bags in the back of the trailer, which makes for an easier walk home.

If we decide to go for a picnic down at the park I can fit all I need in the back of the trailer – a picnic rug, food and drink, baby bag, coats (including my big puffer jacket when it’s cold), and I don’t need to carry one thing on my back so walking is much easier. The kids can even store things they like to play with at their feet – like stuffed toys, or a snack box. There is so much room and the kids are really comfortable. I also love the safety harness, and in winter when its cold the kids are warm and protected as there is a rain cover – its like they’re in a little cocoon protecting them from the wind, and the rain if I get caught in it.

I also use the Outback for jogging (getting exercise in with two young kids is no small feat, so anything that provides efficiency in this space is a MAJOR win). I find it really easy to change the front wheel from walking to jogging (note: you need to purchase the Jogging Kit separately to the trailer), it takes only a few seconds. The trailer provides a really smooth ride for the kids and for me when jogging. I actually love jogging with a pram – its great training as I seem to build up fitness from pushing a little extra weight!

Most importantly, the Hamax Outback provides the kids with a really fun ride on the back of a bike. Our kids have enjoyed longer rides behind Nana and Pop’s ebikes – they have been able to explore more and further. A really nice change to sitting in a car seat for every other journey.

What also really sets the Hamax trailer apart from other bike trailer / pram combos in my view is the way it looks – it’s so beautifully designed.

Some other things I’ve come across that are worth noting. The Hamax trailers cannot be used for an infant (no bassinet). Also, given we have a double version that holds two kids, it won’t fit through our standard doorway so we keep it in the garage. It is easy to bring in and out of the car so could easily be used in a large shopping centre for its ample storage space.

Key comparisons (I have found) between the Hamax Outback Two and my standard pram are below:

My Hamax Outback Two My Standard Pram
Converts from stroller to bike trailer Yes No
Converts from stroller to jogger Yes, with purchase of Jogging Kit No
Can use from birth No, can be used from 6 months plus. Yes, with bassinet.
Comfortable Yes Yes
Provides a smooth ride Yes Yes
Provides suspension Yes No
Option to recline Yes Yes, by tilting the whole seat back.
Rain protection Yes, attached to the trailer and rolls up so that it is conveniently available as needed.
Provides far more space for child with rain shield than standard pram.
Yes, via a rain cover to be carried seperately.
Sun shade Yes, attached to the trailer and rolls ups so that it is conveniently available as needed. Yes, because I purchased it seperately!
Storage space Ample storage space at the back of the trailer. Storage space underneath the pram. Hooks also available
to hang shopping bags from.
Folds up easily Yes Yes

I wish you all happy riding, walking and jogging!

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