All You Need For Gravel Cycling

For those seeking adventure, the gravel grind calls. It’s not about the lycra, watts or carbon wheels - we ride gravel to explore and turn onto country roads that were once not so inviting. Getting lost is all good, just make sure your gear is gravel quality!




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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I ride a gravel bike on?

Gravel bikes are extremely versatile and can be ridden on tarmac roads to smoother MTB trails. Dirt fire roads are the ideal terrain for exploring on a gravel bike. Picking the most suitable gravel tyres to suit the terrain you plan to ride will make a large difference to gravel riding experience.

Is gravel riding harder than road?

You will probably find riding a gravel bike slightly harder than riding a road bike. Wider tyres on rougher, often corrugated roads use more energy to cover the same distances, plus gravel bikes are usually slightly heavier bikes than their road counterparts.

What should I bring on a long gravel ride?

The length of your ride will determine what you need to bring on your ride. On longer gravel rides you need carry much more than a short one hour training ride. Gravel specific clothing has addition pockets in bib shorts and jerseys to help you carry these additional items.

  • Nutrition: Energy Gels and bars are small compact with high levels of carbohydrates for energy. Electrolyte tablets or powder are an essential item especially on hot days to keep hydrated and stop cramping. Also possibly a hydration pack if water top up’s are unlikely.
  • Spares: Two spare tubes, pump/C02 pump and spare cartridges, tyre levers, chain breaker, and spare chain quick link are highly recommended.
  • Directions: a GPS computer or mobile phone with GPS are very useful when exploring gravel backroads you may not be familiar with.
  • Footwear: MTB or gravel specific shoes and pedals are worthwhile as you may want to stop for a break to explore. These will allow you to freely walk around unlike road shoes.

  • What do you wear on a gravel ride?

    You can now purchase gravel specific clothing that has additional storage pockets in the bib knicks, jerseys and vests, which is quiet useful when on longer rides. Gels and bars can be carried in leg pockets and phones, money etc. can be stored in the rear pockets of the Jersey or bibs. If the weather requires a vest or jacket these can also be stored in these rear pockets

    What accessories do I need for a gravel bike?

    Accessories for Gravel are similar to regular road riding such as a pump, CO2 pump and cartridges, GPS computer, two bottle cages or hydration pack. If you’re planning on doing some longer touring style gravel rides then bike bags to carry additional food, clothing and sleeping/camping gear may also be required, depending on your plans.

    Why is gravel riding so popular?

    With the introduction of gravel bikes people are enjoying exploring new areas they may have never ridden before. Gravel bikes give the rider the opportunity to get away from busy roads and cars. The bikes are very versatile so allow riders to ride the road, pathways, gravel roads and even some MTB tracks - many riders are using their gravel bike as their do it all bike now.


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