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If you’re looking for a brand that shouts Californian colour and character, then Supacaz is for you. Founded by UCI pro cyclist Anthony Sinyard, the brand expresses his home state and a longing to brighten up what he thought was a fairly dull market of cycling gear and clothing. In Anthony’s mind, 80s surf brands were doing it well, so he took a cue from some of his favourites. The result is a high-performance, expressive brand that reinvents technical and design boundaries. And you’ll find the very best Supacaz Australia right here on BikeChain!

What does Supacaz specialise In?

This vibrant brand brings bling to some stand-out bike accessories, including:

  • Handlebar tape Supacaz style
  • Supacaz bar plugs
  • Supacaz bar grips
  • Supacaz bottle cage products
    We also think this brand brings a whole lot of positive personality to your bike kit! If you’re looking for a fun bit of pop and you love that laid-back but confident West Coast style, then this is the brand for you. It’s fresh, lively and not afraid to be a little bit out-there.
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    Which Supacaz bar tape is right for you?

    The answer depends to a degree on the type of bike riding you do. If you’re into road, then you’ll be delighted to hear there are more options than there are days of the week. Go for something sleek and sporty looking, a la Peter Sagan style, or opt for crazy colour and on-point patterns. If you’re into gravel riding, you can gravitate to bar tape with extra cushioning, which helps soften any bumps along the trail.

    Supacaz bar tape review

    What is it that makes this bar tape so damn hot? It’s the world’s number one best-selling tape for good reason!

  • The tacky, great hand feel is a big bonus, that’s for sure.
  • Long-lasting PU tape means you get plenty of value for money.
  • Laser-etched aluminium bar plugs often look like mini works of art in their own right.
  • But check out that colour and pattern range! If that isn’t going to deliver the most bespoke bling to your bike, we don’t know what will!

    Are Supacaz bottle cages one size fits all?

    Supacaz bottle cages are designed to fit a standard 550ml or 750ml bidon. The much-loved Supacaz Ano bottle cage is a classic design for the road, whilst the Supacaz Side Swipe provides extra wrap-around closure. The clever feature enables you to take the bottle out from either side, rather than the traditional upwards pulling motion. This is a great option for mountain bike riding and anything on bumpy trails that might cause the bidon to tumble out.

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