Santini - Indoor Cycling Clothing - Santini Indoor Collection Review, Improving Indoor Cycling

May 05, 2021
Santini - Indoor Cycling Clothing - Santini Indoor Collection Review, Improving Indoor Cycling

Santini Indoor Cycling Collection

I was very excited when I saw Santini Australia were releasing an indoor clothing collection. The market has been crying out for indoor cycling clothing from the beginning of the smart trainer age, and Programs such as Zwift and Fullgaz have come to such prominence. Our National Road Series team (Giant Racing Team) even compete in a virtual 6 race series mid-year that has been integrated into the calendar by AusCycling. This, as well as other events such as the Giant Crit Crusher Series.

The Giant Racing Team knows Santini clothing well. Our men’s and women's teams wear the Tono Santini Custom Collection, so we were intrigued to see how the new Forza Indoor Training Collection would perform differently to accommodate indoor training. In setting the scene, out on the road I am not an enormous sweater, but on an indoor trainer it’s a different story (and I don’t think I’m alone here). No matter the fan size, no matter how well I hydrate, or if the garage door is open, it feels like I’m cycling in a heat chamber. To combat this problem, the new collection from Santini is designed using fabric technology that aids the body’s thermoregulation. They have also considered the cut carefully to enhance breathability.

I usually forgo a jersey or undergarment on the trainer. This is for all indoor riding, whether it be a recovery ride or a race. I get far too hot, to the point where it feels like I am riding wearing a garbage bag and there’s no airflow. In the cold Ballarat Winter, I often start with a long sleeve undergarment, but I never last longer than 10 minutes before I’ve taken it off in search of cold air. So this was going to be a GREAT first test.

I firstly noticed the fit. Even though it’s a slim fitting jersey it doesn’t cling to you and automatically gives you a light, breathable fit and feeling. I was doing an endurance session, and for the first time in my indoor training career I left the jersey on for my session! While I was definitely sweating, the jersey certainly didn’t get completely wet and heavy. The delta fabric that Santini uses transmits the sweat to the outside, which allows the jersey to dry incredibly quickly and remain very breathable. All in all, the jersey gets a big tick from me! It’s so nice to finally find a jersey that I can wear indoors while training and that actively helps regulate temperature. This will definitely increase my performance during sessions and races as I won't be overheating.

Unfortunately bib-shorts are usually as difficult as a jersey for indoor training. While not a pretty picture, after any ride other than recovery spins I get off the trainer and my bib-shorts are very heavy and drenched in sweat. Not ideal for a number of reasons, in particular I slide around on the saddle and generally sweat isn’t beneficial with aiding chamois cream performance.

Looking at the Forza Indoor Bibs with their aerated pattern on the legs and side, you can instantly tell these are going to be more breathable than standard bib-shorts. And they didn’t disappoint! Like the jersey, Santini has made these with advanced materials that actively promote cooling and enhance breathability. They also have the C3 Chamois which is my all-time favourite Santini offering. It’s their top of the line and while always an important part of bib-shorts, it's even more pronounced on a trainer. The fit is great and slim fitting but still very comfortable and supportive. The aerated panels are also more robust than I first anticipated, meaning you don’t have to worry about durability. Once again, with my session complete I was still sweating a lot, however the bib-shorts had been able to wick the majority of it away and keep me relatively dry. These will definitely be my go to for all indoor training sessions now!

Overall, I have been really impressed with the new Forza Indoor Training Collection. It’s definitely a no brainer as the conditions and needs are different inside your garage or home when comparted to outdoors, so your kit should reflect this. Because I have struggled to keep my temperature in check during sessions I often finish up feeling a lot more fatigued than on the road. Given my body sweats so much to keep cool, I have not been able to get enough hydration in to cover what’s coming out! It’s great Santini have dedicated a collection to indoor riding to help aid regulating core temperature. I think this will definitely improve the performance of my sessions indoors and minimise the exhaustion or fatigue, making it a more enjoyable experience rather than a sweaty slog!

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