Championing Inclusivity: The Diversity in Cycling Report

Championing Inclusivity: The Diversity in Cycling Report

Supporting a More Inclusive Cycling Community

At Science in Sport, we are proud to support the "Diversity In Cycling" report, a significant grassroots project that brings to light the experiences and perspectives of over sixty riders from black and Asian backgrounds. This report is not just a collection of stories; it's a catalyst for change, focusing primarily on cycling clubs but offering insights and lessons relevant to the entire cycling community.

A Collaborative Effort for Greater Understanding

The "Diversity In Cycling" report is a collaborative effort that underscores the importance of understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by cyclists from diverse backgrounds. It's a step towards creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment in the sport of cycling, where diversity is celebrated, and all riders feel valued and supported.

Key Focus Areas of the Report

  • Experiences of Black and Asian Cyclists: The report provides a platform for black and Asian cyclists to share their experiences, both the challenges and triumphs, within the cycling community.

  • Lessons for Cycling Clubs and Organisations: While focusing on cycling clubs, the report offers valuable lessons for all stakeholders in the sport, encouraging them to take proactive steps towards inclusivity.

  • Strategies for Fostering Diversity: The report not only highlights the current state of diversity in cycling but also suggests practical strategies for clubs and organisations to foster a more inclusive culture.

    Join Us in Making a Difference

    At Science in Sport, we believe in the power of sport to bring people together. By supporting initiatives like the "Diversity In Cycling" report, we are committed to making a positive impact in the cycling community and beyond. Join us in this journey towards a more inclusive and diverse sporting world.

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