Sealskinz - How to ride in the rain (and love it)

There's nothing more exciting for a cyclist than seeing those first drops of rain begin to fall. Your heart races and you can't believe you're so lucky to ride in a downpour… Ok listen, we know we're way over the top here -- but with the right gear, preparation, and attitude, we believe you can love any rainy ride.

Looking to stay happy in the rain? Let’s take a look at some gear that will keep you pedalling no matter what weather you encounter.

Sealskinz Cycle Waterproof Socks
Yes, waterproof socks actually do exist, (we should know we’ve been making them for over 20 years) and with the right materials and technology, you can trust that they’ll keep your feet dry. Thought the only solution was an overshoe or bootie? We’re happy to say you have more options. A unique three layer construction gives Sealskinz waterproof socks their superpower - 100% waterproof protection while maintaining breathability. We sandwich a solid hydrophilic membrane (more on what hydrophilic means in a minute) between an outer layer and inner layer to ensure no water gets inside the sock. They work so well you can literally stand in inches of water in a bathtub and stay completely dry.

This unique hydrophilic membrane not only stops rain, mud, and sand from getting in, but it is also extremely breathable allowing for water vapour to pass out -- keeping you dry and sweat-free from the inside as well.

The science behind the membrane is pretty incredible. Hydrophilic actually means ‘water loving.’ And because of this love of water, the membrane actually pulls moisture away from your skin at the molecular level via osmosis. This is quite a bit different than the Gore-Tex we all know where breathability is attempted through small pores created in the fabric. Our hydrophilic membrane actually keeps you dry and comfortable even when you’re working hard. In fact, the warmer your feet get (heat = pressure), the better the membrane works to dispel water vapour.

Socks with Hydrostop™
It wasn’t long after introducing waterproof socks to the cycling world that we were asked to tackle another problem. The socks kept out all the water they encountered, but in serious downpours water could bead up on bare legs and calves and egress into the socks through the top.

So we invented Hydrostop™, a silicone-like (although it is silicone-free) elastic taping around the inside cuff of the sock. This added protection reduces the chances of water dripping down your leg into your sock. Problem solved.

Sealskinz Waterproof Cycle Oversocks
Worried that you can’t use a different sock when you’ve got a tight fitting cycling shoe? We designed a category-changing Waterproof Oversock that can do the job of a waterproof sock, just over your shoe instead of inside of it. Using the same three layer construction and same hydrophilic membrane, the Waterproof All Weather Cycle Oversock provides 100% waterproof protection as our regular waterproof socks. The added bonus is your cycling shoes stay as dry as your feet.

Sealskinz Cycle Safety Colours
Riding safely should be top of mind for every cyclist. In the early morning and evening that means maintaining high visibility.

Reflective taping and stitching, neon colours, and integrated LEDs are all added safety measures that you’ll find on some of our cycling gear. Our Waterproof All Weather LED Cycle Glove and All Weather LED Open Sole Cycle Overshoes are equipped with an LED to keep you visible in low light while our Waterproof Cold Weather Reflective Cycling Gloves use highly reflective materials to keep you safe and seen.

Sealskinz Cycle Waterproof Headwear
While we may be most well known for our waterproof socks, we have also used our heritage in waterproof technology to keep your head dry as well. Use the Waterproof All Weather Cycle Cap under your helmet to keep rain at bay or our Windproof All Weather Skull Cap to provide that extra layer between you and the elements.

Sealskinz Cycle Waterproof Gloves
Gloves can be a critical item when balancing the comfort of your hands with the control of the bike. Gloves, among other things, can provide wind protection, sweat wicking, abrasion resistance, increased grip, cushioning, and dexterity. Our waterproof gloves not only keep you dry and allow your hands to breathe, but they also eliminate the risk of bunching and provide the wearer an incredible grip so you’ll have no problems out on your ride. Enhanced control and incredible breathability are just some of the features of our Waterproof All Weather Cycle Gloves. They’re also reflective, have extra padding where your hand contacts the bar, and are 100% waterproof. Our Waterproof All Weather MTB Gloves are rugged yet also provide incredible control. Beefed up with extra foam padding, precurved fingers, and silicone grippers on the thumb and index finger, it’s an incredible set of workhorse gloves for the trails. Cold weather is no match for our Waterproof Heated Cycling Gloves. Using an integrated heating element with multiple power modes and USB rechargeable, your fingers will stay toasty and warm, dry and comfortable.

Doesn’t riding in the rain sound a bit more fun?