First Look: Hope F22 Flat Pedals

First Look: Hope F22 Flat Pedals

The F22 flat pedal from Hope Technology provides the perfect balance of stability, shoe-support and grip. This model has been perfected over a decade, making it one of the most sought-after flat pedals. With its innovative design, the F22 is sure to take your cycling experience to the next level!

The CNC-machined alloy platform has undergone a full revamp and now boasts an improved concave design that provides riders with more stability as they ride. It is slightly larger in size, measuring 10.3x10.6x1.9cm, and helps cushion impacts. This will give riders a safe and secure riding experience.

The 22 pins have been crafted with a concave shape that follows the natural curve of your foot. They gradually get shorter at the middle, providing a secure fit when you're out on the trails. The reverse-load design also prevents any pins from becoming stuck or lost, giving you peace of mind while riding.

The F22 has the same construction as its predecessor, the F20: three cartridge bearings with IGUS bushings, which can be rebuilt and serviced. The pedals include both internal and external protective seals so they can survive through all weather conditions.


  • Redesigned platform
  • Pedal platform is CNC machined in Barnoldswick, UK.
  • Larger concave dome profile for stable foot support and a superior planted feel.
  • Asymmetric and Tapered shape for the right balance between foot stability & clearance on tight trails and in ruts.
  • Longer and adjustable pins with a unique hex shape face for extra bite
  • Enhanced concavity with shorter pins used towards the centre of the platform
  • Reverse loading pins so less chance of getting stuck or untightening on the trail
  • Proven internals from F20 remain
  • Three cartridge bearings and an IGUS bush
  • Internal and external sealing prevents any ingress of dirt and debris
  • Fully serviceable and re-buildable
  • Revised axle design for improved strength and impact resistance
  • Weight 360g per pair

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