Campagnolo Launches New High-Performance Wheelset!

Campagnolo Launches New High-Performance Wheelset!

We are thrilled to bring you Campagnolo's newest addition, the remarkable Hyperon Ultra. This ultra-lightweight wheel weighs just 1240g and provides exceptional performance for any cyclist. The Hyperon Ultra was crafted using Campagnolo's exclusive H.U.L.C process which fine-tunes the wheel profile by combining the perfect amount of carbon fibre and proprietary resin for optimal stiffness and control.

Campagnolo engineers have identified the optimal rim profile to be 37mm, designed to provide agility and stability during rapid changes. The 21mm inner rim width ensures maximum stiffness while also reducing overall weight. To achieve top-notch performance, Campagnolo uses CULT (Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology) bearings, made from high quality materials and offering significant improvements over other bearings. CULT bearings provide maximum efficiency and durability, delivering an incredibly smooth ride.

Incredibly strong and perfectly round ceramic bearings maintain precise performance through time and run on lubricant oil that is kept in place by stainless-steel races that are designed to resist wear and tear. The Hyperon Ultra hubs have the Head-2-Bay total tension management system which stops spokes from being too rigid and ensures maximum power is transferred to the road. These wheels are crafted from top-quality materials and use advanced engineering, topped off with Campagnolo's C-Lux coating for a beautiful glossy finish.

“We have really pushed the boundaries with Hyperon Ultra, creating “the magic ratio of performance”. These wheels are built with pure agility and performance in mind, balancing across all elements: lightness, handling and reactivity”

- Campagnolo


  • Weight: 1240g 2WF, 1160g Tubular
  • Profile Depth: 37mm
  • Inner Width: 21mm
  • Front Axle: 12 x 100mm
  • Rear Axle: 12 x 142mm
  • Discipline: Road
  • External Width: 27mm
  • Spokes: F21, R24
  • Rim diameter: 700c
  • Campy Profile: 2-Way Fit
  • Nipples: Aluminium alloy, self-lock, internal Aero Mo-Mag system™
  • Rim Material: Aerospace-Grade Carbon Fibre
  • Tyre compatibility: 2WF, Tubular
  • Weight Limit: 115kg (rider + bike)
  • Braking System: AFS Disc
  • Bearings: CULT Ceramic
  • Freehub Compatibility: N3W LIGHT, XDR, HG11

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