Santini - A Beginner's Guide to Summer Cycling, Bicycle Clothing for Summer.

April 20, 2021
Santini - A Beginner's Guide to Summer Cycling, Bicycle Clothing for Summer.

This beginner’s guide to cycling clothing is made for anyone who has If you’re reading this then you are probably one of the thousands of people who have just taken up cycling or who are looking to get into the sport.
It can be daunting with so many different things to consider, it can be daunting, and picking the right gear can seem impossible. We thought we’d make the process a little easier and wise you up on the essential pieces of clothing to get you through an Australian summer. You’re also probably thinking... Can I get over the social dilemma of walking around in skin-tight clothing? This Beginner’s Guide to Summer Cycling Clothing considers some of these benefits and features. Starting from top to bottom.

Why Santini For Your Summer Cycling Clothing?

When it comes to the very best quality of cycling clothing in Australia, Santini is one of the pedigree labels. When you purchase from Santini Australia, you’ve made a lifetime investment. This family-owned business maintains quality, technology, innovation and an authentic passion for cycling at the heart of all that they do. For Santini, every item of clothing or accessory must deliver on four fundamental pillars: Fit. Performance. Comfort. Durability.

Santini Cycling Jersey's

All Santini cycling jerseys feature quality moisture-wicking materials and breathable mesh panels. These features bring the sweat off the skin and keep you cool, essential in keeping your body temperature down. Staying cool is especially important when riding longer distances. A snugger fitting garment will decrease wind resistance, whilst wearing a looser fitting standard T-shirt whilst cycling is akin to wearing a parachute! Jersey pockets allow you to safely store all your important items without being intrusive during a ride.

There are 3 types of cycling jersey cuts to consider

  • Aero “Sleek” – Men’s & Women’s 
    This is the fit that our pro athletes use for racing.
  • Slim – Men’s & Women’s 
    The slim fit is incredibly versatile as it gives you a sleek profile while maintaining incredible comfort throughout your ride.
  • Classic – Men’s & Women’s.
    The classic cut is soft on the body for those who look for a more classic fit. Refer to the Santini Fit Guide.
    SEE FIT GUIDE for further measurements.

    Santini bike shorts & bib-shorts

    Irrespective of the model, all Santini bike shorts feature: 

  • A quality chamois (a padded section integrated into the bike short panelling around the nether regions) will ease discomfort on your most important parts.
  • The smooth materials to reduce chafing when your inner thigh rubs against the side of the saddle.
  • The tight fit to offers a full range of motion. Compression fabrics increase the blood flow to the muscles, allowing you to ride a little longer or faster.

  • The best beginner bike shorts we recommend

    Santini’s Vara Men’s Shorts & Bib Shorts and the Women’s Alba Shorts are excellent entry level choices. These maintain high quality material and design with touches of premium features from the Santini range, like elasticated leg grippers to keep the shorts in place and reflective details on the back to enhance your visibility. Made with the Emax (men’s) and Wmax (Women’s) Chamois and Thunderbike Power fabric, they are minimally intrusive, highly durable and suitable for rides up to three hours.


    Summer bike shorts - the upgrade

    There is the option to upgrade to the Gilevo chamois or the Alba short for women – the GIlevo is a high performance chamois that offers– all- round comfort for any type of cycling activity. For men, looking to upgrade the chamois, there is the Scatto range which comes in a short or Bib Short, both of them feature the GitEvo chamois, our most versatile men’s chamois, suitable for all types of riding. If you want to know more about our range of chamois, check out our guide.
    Refer to the Santini Chamois guide for more information. 

    Summer Cycling Socks

    A cycling sock is not just a “sock”.  Here’s a couple of reasons why:

    Summer cycling socks are snugger and more breathable

    What does this mean? The fabric and fit of a good summer cycling sock It can reduce the pressure on the foot and keep it cool all day long. This will help keep your feet feeling fresh so you can ride all day. 

    Summer cycling socks come in a range of colours

    There are so many colours and prints that you can easily find something to match any cycling kit. 

    Summer cycling socks are affordable

    You can easily add a touch of colour or style to your outfit and, easily find options that are affordable without having to break the bank.

    Summer cycling socks come in varying lengths

    This is important, because one individual preference for any cyclist is the length of their sock. Check out our options for a mid-length cut and high cut.

    Mid Length cycling sock cut

    The Santini Sfera is a medium weight sock that is perfect for those early morning starts when the temperature is little lower but nonetheless by the end things have heated up! Your feet will thank you for it. With a compressive cuff that keeps the socks in place and a polka dot design to match all the Santini colour variations, it adds a touch of class to your outfit.

    High Cut cycling sock

    The Santini Puro is a light weight high cut sock, suited for the warmer day. Available in clean and simple colours, these will look good with any outfit.

    Some handy tips for riding

    OK, now you’re literally kitted out in some sensational Santini cycling clothing for summer, here are some actual riding tips that might be helpful:

  • Stay hydrated – drink plenty of fluids, before during and after your ride .
  • On any ride over 1.5 hours, remember to take something to eat. Without food, it’s like driving a car with the fuel light and thinking, when is it going to break down?
  • If possible, ride more frequently, but shorter distances. As your fitness starts to increase you can increaseup the time and distance.

    Author: Tim Okraglic