Fuelling the INEOS Grenadiers: Jonathan Castroviejo's Race Day Nutrition

Fuelling the INEOS Grenadiers: Jonathan Castroviejo's Race Day Nutrition

Meet Jonathan Castroviejo

Age: 35

Height: 1.71 m (5 ft 7 in)

Nationality: Spanish

Pre-Race Diet: A Carbohydrate-Rich Strategy

Jonathan Castroviejo, a seasoned cyclist with the INEOS Grenadiers, emphasises the importance of a carbohydrate-rich diet on race day. His go-to meal includes porridge and rice, ensuring a steady supply of energy. Protein isn't overlooked either; meat or fish is a staple in his diet for optimal recovery. And for a post-race treat? Chocolate is his pick for a sweet reward.

Adapting Nutrition for Terrain

When the race shifts from flat to mountainous stages, Jonathan's diet adapts accordingly. On flatter stages, he opts for more solid foods like cakes and paninis. However, during more challenging mountainous rides, he relies on the quick and easy digestion of SiS gels to maintain his energy levels.

Favourite SiS Products

Jonathan's top picks from Science in Sport (SiS) include their race drinks and gels, particularly SiS Beta Fuel. He appreciates the variety of flavours and the precise energy boost they provide during crucial moments of the race.

Mid-Stage Fuel: Musette Surprises

In the heat of a stage, opening the musette bag is always a moment of anticipation. Jonathan's favorites? He's always delighted to find some baked goods waiting for him.

Indulging Post-Race: Guilty Pleasures

After a race, Jonathan doesn't shy away from indulging. His guilty pleasures include a BBQ pizza, but he's also a big fan of brownies and Tiramisu, balancing his rigors diet with well-deserved treats.

Science in Sport Nutrition

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