Fuelling the INEOS Grenadiers: Dylan van Baarle's Nutritional Strategy

Fuelling the INEOS Grenadiers: Dylan van Baarle's Nutritional Strategy

The Crucial Role of Nutrition in Elite Cycling

Dylan van Baarle, a prominent figure in the INEOS Grenadiers cycling team, understands the importance of meticulous nutrition in the demanding world of professional cycling. At 29 years old and standing 1.87 metres tall, this Dutch cyclist emphasises the need for constant attention to nutritional intake to maintain energy levels for both training and racing.

A Day in the Diet of a Professional Cyclist

Race Day Nutrition

  • Breakfast: Dylan starts his race day with a nutrient-rich breakfast of an omelette, toast, avocado, and salmon. This meal provides a balance of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates.

  • Pre-Race Fuel: Swapping his usual porridge for rice and soy yoghurt, Dylan ensures he has the right fuel for the day's competition, enjoying the bonus of its rice pudding-like taste.

    Staying on Top of Nutrition

    Essential Supplements

  • SiS Products: Dylan incorporates SiS Protein, Nitrate, and Energy bars into his training regimen. He reserves gels for the later stages of races due to their ease of digestion.

  • Electrolyte Intake: On hot days, Dylan relies on SiS Electrolytes to aid in recovery, ensuring he stays hydrated and replenishes essential minerals.

    Personal Favourites and Guilty Pleasures

    Favourite SiS Product

  • Go-To Snack: Dylan's favourite SiS product is the GO Energy Bake, particularly the Tiramisu flavour, which he finds especially satisfying.

    Celebration and Indulgence

  • Post-Race Meal: A victory or stage win calls for a celebratory meal of a hamburger with sweet potato fries and a white chocolate cheesecake dessert.

  • Off-Season Treats: Chocolate and Dutch apple pie are Dylan's guilty pleasures, especially challenging to resist when in the Netherlands.

    Home-Cooked Recovery Meals

    Balancing Carbs and Protein

  • Italian Cuisine at Home: Pasta is Dylan's preferred carbohydrate source for post-training recovery meals, often combined with SiS protein to ensure optimal muscle recovery.

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