The Black Cyclists Network: Pioneering Diversity in Cycling

The Black Cyclists Network: Pioneering Diversity in Cycling

Introducing Mani Arthur and the BCN

Hello, I'm Mani Arthur, founder of the Black Cyclists Network (BCN), a London-based cycling club predominantly comprising Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) riders. Our mission is to create pathways into cycling for the BAME community, fostering an inclusive environment for riders of all backgrounds.

Addressing the Diversity Gap in Cycling

The Challenge of Representation

  • Tour de France Statistics: The underrepresentation of black riders in elite cycling, as seen in the Tour de France, underscores the need for greater diversity.

  • Barriers to Entry: Cycling, unlike football, faces accessibility challenges due to the high costs and lack of infrastructure, particularly affecting BAME communities.

    BCN's Role in Fostering Inclusion

  • Creating Opportunities: BCN aims to change the culture of cycling, encouraging interest at all levels, including competitive cycling.

  • Breaking the Mould: Our goal is to forge a new path in cycling, inspired by the success of British Cycling, which transformed from irrelevance to dominance through substantial investment and support.

    The Solution: Cultivating Interest and Providing Support

    Empowering BAME Cyclists

  • Visibility and Representation: We believe in the power of representation – it's hard to aspire to something you can't see. BCN strives to be a visible, inspiring force in the cycling community.

  • Financial Challenges: The cost of competitive cycling is a significant barrier. Our partnership with Science in Sport (SiS) is crucial in overcoming these financial hurdles and gaining momentum.

    Partnership with Science in Sport

    A Collaboration for Change

  • Support from SiS: The backing from SiS, a leader in sports nutrition, is invaluable. Their commitment to diversity and equality, especially during times of social unrest, is commendable.

  • Preparing for the Future: With SiS's support, our race squad is gearing up for a full race schedule, bringing new energy and perspective to the cycling world.

    A New Era in Cycling

    The Black Cyclists Network is more than a cycling club; it's a movement towards inclusivity and diversity in a sport that has long been homogeneous. With the support of organisations like SiS, we are not just breaking barriers but also building bridges, creating a cycling community that truly reflects the diversity of our society.

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