A Day in the Life: James Moran, INEOS Grenadiers Performance Nutritionist

A Day in the Life: James Moran, INEOS Grenadiers Performance Nutritionist

The Vital Role of Nutrition in Elite Cycling

As a Performance Nutritionist for the INEOS Grenadiers, my days are a blend of meticulous planning, on-the-spot adjustments, and constant communication with riders and staff. Working alongside Ainhoa Prieto and the Science in Sport Performance Solutions Team, we strive to innovate and optimise the nutritional strategies that fuel the INEOS Grenadiers.

A Typical Grand Tour Day

Early Morning Routine

  • Wake-Up Call: My day starts between 06:30 and 07:00, depending on the stage's start location.

  • Morning Exercise: While staff jogs are common before the race begins, the demanding schedule of the Grand Tour limits these opportunities.

    Breakfast Preparations

  • Breakfast Setup: I arrive at the kitchen truck by 07:45 to prepare individual supplements for each rider.

  • Rider Interactions: During breakfast, I engage with riders, discussing their recovery and reviewing their personalised nutrition plans.

    Pre-Race Logistics

  • Recovery Food Preparation: I ensure the recovery food, snacks, and SiS nutrition products are ready on the team bus.

  • Fuelling Plans: Each rider receives a tailored fuelling plan for the day, and I coordinate with the bus driver and staff for the distribution of recovery options post-race.

    Race Start

  • Travel to Start Line: Breakfast is often on-the-go, and we head to the race start in convoy.

  • Final Preparations: At the start line, I'm available for any last-minute nutrition queries.

    During the Race

  • Extra Feed Duties: Partnered with a physio, I navigate to designated feed spots to hand out drink bottles and musettes to riders.

    Post-Race Activities

  • Recovery Check: At the race finish, I catch up with riders to discuss their fuelling and ensure recovery protocols are followed.

    Evening Responsibilities

  • Hotel Coordination: Depending on the transfer time, I collaborate with the chef for any necessary menu adjustments.

  • Individual Rider Consultations: I spend time with riders during their massage sessions to discuss daily nutrition and plan for the next stage.

    Dinner and Planning

  • Observing Dinner: My role during dinner is to be available for questions while allowing riders to relax and enjoy their meal.

  • Menu Planning: Post-dinner, the chef and I finalise the next day's menu, often enjoying the high-quality leftovers.

    Nighttime Analysis and Planning

  • Nutrition Analysis: The evening concludes with analysing the day's nutrition data and preparing plans for the upcoming stage.

  • Aiming for Rest: Getting to bed before midnight is a small but significant achievement in the hectic schedule of a Grand Tour.

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