Marathon Mastery: Training and Fuelling with Paula Radcliffe MBE

Marathon Mastery: Training and Fuelling with Paula Radcliffe MBE

Embracing the Challenge: Paula's Insights on Marathon Preparation

Training for a marathon is as much about mental strength as it is about physical endurance. Paula Radcliffe, the world-record holder for the marathon for 17 years, shares her wisdom on preparing for the 26.2-mile challenge. From mental fortitude to nutritional strategies, here's how to gear up for your best marathon race.

Mental Fortitude: Building Your Psychological Toolkit

Coping with Tough Phases

Every marathon brings its tough moments. Paula emphasizes the importance of developing coping strategies during training to help manage these inevitable challenges on race day.

The Power of Counting

A simple yet effective technique Paula uses is counting to 100 repeatedly. This method keeps the mind engaged and helps segment the race into smaller, more manageable parts, allowing runners to maintain focus and rhythm.

Nutritional Strategies: The Foundation of Marathon Success

Carb-Loading Done Right

Paula starts her carb-loading regimen on Thursday for a Sunday race, using carbohydrate drinks to minimize gastrointestinal distress. This gradual increase in carbs helps ensure muscle glycogen levels are at their peak come race day

SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gels Plan

Incorporating the same gels during training that will be used on race day helps to avoid any digestive surprises. Paula's carb-loading plan includes adding an energy gel to her diet at strategic times from Thursday to the morning of the race.

Hydration and Energy Drinks

The concentration of energy drinks is increased progressively during the race to match the body's needs. Paula practices with Beta Fuel and SiS Go products to find the perfect balance between hydration and energy.

The Practicalities: Practising Every Detail

Race Weekend Nutrition

Mimicking your race weekend nutrition plan in training helps to fine-tune your diet and ensures your body knows what to expect when it comes to race day.

Hydration on the Move

Learning to drink while maintaining pace is crucial. Paula practices picking up hydration bottles and taking drinks every 3.5 miles to simulate race conditions.

Pre-Marathon Routine

Rehearsing the pre-marathon routine, including meal timings and morning preparations, can help reduce race-day stress and set the stage for a successful run.

Sharing the Journey

Paula encourages runners to share their training experiences on social media, fostering a community of support and shared learning.

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