GO Isotonic Energy Gel: Revolutionising Energy Delivery in Sports Nutrition

GO Isotonic Energy Gel: Revolutionising Energy Delivery in Sports Nutrition

Introduction to the World's First Isotonic Gel

The GO Isotonic Energy Gel stands out as a groundbreaking innovation in sports nutrition. It's the world’s first isotonic gel, designed to offer athletes a quicker and more efficient energy supply during intense physical activities.

What Makes It Unique?

Quicker Energy Supply

  • Isotonic Formula: Unlike thicker, more concentrated gels, the isotonic nature of this gel allows for faster energy delivery to working muscles.

  • No Need for Additional Water: It's formulated to be absorbed without requiring extra water, simplifying intake during exercise.

  • Digestibility: The gel is easily digestible and light on the stomach, reducing the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort.

    Understanding Isotonic Solutions

    The Science of Tonicity

  • Tonicity and Energy Absorption: The tonicity of a solution affects how water and carbohydrates are transported across cell membranes, influencing the speed at which the gel can be utilised as an energy source.

  • Isotonic Balance: An isotonic solution has the same concentration of dissolved particles as body fluids, typically between 280-310 mmol/kg, ensuring optimal absorption and energy delivery.

    Comparing Solutions

  • Hypertonic Solutions: Higher concentration than body fluids, leading to slower energy availability and potential stomach discomfort.

  • Hypotonic Solutions: Lower concentration, resulting in quick stomach emptying but lower energy content.

  • Isotonic Advantage: Balances rapid absorption with substantial energy content.

    The Role of Maltodextrin

  • Selected Carbohydrate Source: Maltodextrin, with a specific molecular weight, is used to balance energy delivery and stomach emptying rate.

  • Performance Benefits: The molecular structure of maltodextrin in the gel ensures quicker performance benefits compared to non-isotonic gels.

    Research and Evidence

  • Market Comparison Study: A study in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism highlighted the uniqueness of the GO Isotonic Energy Gel, showing it to be the only isotonic gel among a wide range of products tested.

  • Optimal Carbohydrate Delivery: The study also revealed that most sports gels, especially when consumed without sufficient water, do not promote efficient gastric emptying and carbohydrate delivery.

  • Energy and Hydration Goals: Evidence suggests that isotonic gels, particularly when combined with electrolyte-containing fluids like GO Hydro and GO Electrolyte, offer a flexible approach to achieving energy and hydration goals, thereby maintaining endurance performance.

    The GO Isotonic Energy Gel represents a significant advancement in sports nutrition, offering athletes an efficient, stomach-friendly, and scientifically backed way to fuel their performance. Its isotonic nature ensures rapid energy delivery and absorption, making it an ideal choice for athletes seeking to maintain high energy levels during intense physical activities.

    Ready to experience the isotonic advantage? Explore the GO Isotonic Energy Gel range today and elevate your performance with science-backed nutrition.