Choosing The Best GPS Cycling Computers

September 20, 2021
Choosing The Best GPS Cycling Computers

In a market full of different brands its really challenging, even for experienced riders, to wade through pages of technical specifications and product features to easily find a product you believe is best for you. This article aims to cut out much of the technical jargon and focus on some key features we know riders love to use when it comes time to consider which Bryton GPS cycling computers is right for you.

Do I need a GPS bike computer?

GPS cycling computers help track your activities providing a bunch of useful on-screen data whilst riding. They can also be paired to additional devices like a heart rate monitor, power meter and cadence sensor providing really detailed analysis about your fitness and progress. All GPS units work in tandem with an App paired to your mobile device. The App displays each activity in more detail available than is possible on the GPS unit alone. Many riders also choose to download an additional App like Strava that allows riders to connect socially with other cyclists and helps you compare your fitness level with that of other riders. If you’re like most people, once you start riding more than once or twice a week you will probably want this information to gauge how your fitness is improving.

What does a GPS bike computer do that’s any different to a smart phone?

If you’re currently using your smart phone in conjunction with an app like Strava to track and record your rides you already have a fair understanding of the information and benefits you get from a GPS. However, it’s also worth noting that a GPS cycling computer is purpose built for tracking your ride, whereas your mobile isn’t. There are three main benefits gained from upgrading to a GPS computer.

  • The third-party apps drain your phone battery quickly when the GPS is running.

  • Smart phones aren’t made for cycling in the elements and tend to be less accurate with their GPS readings. This can be frustrating when riding up a hill at say 15kmph and your phone is jumping from 15kmph to 25 to 0 in a matter of meters.
  • Smart phones take up a lot of handlebar space. You may not think this is much of an issue but if you want street cred whilst riding it’s wise to consider keeping your handlebars free from clutter

    Is Bryton a good brand?

    Bryton computers have been around for a decade now and were launched by a team of experienced Taiwanese GPS developers who spent years developing well-known brands like Magellan, NavMan and Mio. Bryton GPS bike computers offer a number of features that have helped the brand gain a strong foothold in the market and take on leading players like Garmin and Wahoo.

  • Incredible value for money. Bryton GPS bike computers often have a bunch of additional features built in to the price.
  • High quality screens that allow ease of viewing even in low light conditions.
  • It’s really easy to fully customise the amount of data you want to view while you’re riding. You can also easily set up multiple pages of information to view. These features are simple to customise via the Bryton Active App. (The Rider 15 Neo does have some limitations here).
  • Battery life. Bryton GPS units feature best in class battery life. There is nothing worse than being half way through a ride and your battery goes flat because you forgot to charge it.
  • Bryton has among the fastest pick up of GPS signal when turning on the unit (it will surprise you how fast they activate comparted to the opposition).
  • Three of the four Bryton models GPS are supported by full GNSS satellite coverage offering the most reliable worldwide coverage available.
  • Bryton offer an entry level GPS unit that costs little more than a good quality bike mount for a smart phone.

    Hopefully, your now ready to delve a little deeper into which specific features you’re looking for in a GPS bicycle computer. There are four models in Bryton’s range offering various functions and price points. What’s right for you depends largely on how much data is important to you, whether you want features like on screen mapping and how many additional devices you want to connect to such as a cadence sensor, a power meter or a heart rate monitor. You can even pair Bryton’s top model with an E-bike to display percentage battery charge remaining and power consumption. Even the entry level Bryton model accurately displays information like speed and distance via GPS without needing to be linked to your phone.

    Every model can also pair to additional items like a cadence sensor and heart rate chest strap to provide additional information. All units are IPX7 waterproof-rated and offer the latest Bluetooth connectivity exactly like the Wahoo and Garmin units in this class. Bryton also offer some models with Ant+ connectivity which is commonly used with power meters. Installation of Bryton GPS computers is simple thanks to the Bryton Active App. Firstly download the App on your smart phone and connect the GPS unit to your phone via Bluetooth. Use the App to control the operation of setting up the head unit. It’s simple and straight forward to get the unit working and ready to use. This allows third-party access to apps such as Strava. Below is a rundown of each model in the range and a list of the features each offer.

    Rider 750 GPS Computer with mapping

  • Colour 2.8” touchscreen with graphic interface options
  • Navigation with on screen colour maps and global mapping available at no extra cost
  • A massive 20-hour battery life on a single charge which is at least three hours more than the competition
  • Voice input Navigation
  • Garmin Radar compatible
  • Choose data to be displayed in graphs or numerals
  • E-Bike compatibility
  • Smart trainer and Di2 compatibility

    Bryton’s flagship model Rider 750 comes with a colour touch screen, Bluetooth, ANT+ and WIFI connectivity, preloaded base maps and more, it's a fully-featured computer. is used by Pro Cycling Teams Intermarché Wanty Gobert and B&B Hotels p/b KTM. The colour touch screen allows for swiping through data pages and tapping on locations via the on-screen map. Additionally, there are two buttons on either side for the unit power, start/stop and laps functions. The buttons allow for fast scrolling when riding over bumpy terrain or when riding in long fingered gloves. A quality screen allows clear and easy to read graphics even in low light. The 750 is the only Bryton model with full navigation capability. It’s also the only model to come supplied with an alloy out front Sport mount to keep the handlebars clutter free.

    The 2.8in full colour touch screen supports a new Graphic User Interface, which uses graphs to clearly communicates HR and power zones helping make maps easier to read too.

  • Full mapping functionality with free mapping makes this unit ideal for cycling holidays and Gran Fondo events

    Large colour touch screen is fully customizable to show maps, graphs or data and even allows for voice commands

    A unique feature is the voice search, allowing you to speak the name of a destination into the device rather than trying to type it in a tiny virtual keyboard (You need to be paired to the Bryton Active App whist doing this).

    The Rider 750 comes with a massive 20-hour battery life on a single charge which is at least three hours more than the competition. You can pre plan ride routes and download them onto the unit. This feature is ideal for cycling holidays and riders racing on the road. Displaying key information like distance to destination and remaining kilometres on a climb are game changing features for many users.

    E-bike functionality showing battery life and travel range along with detailed maps which can have routes preloaded. Screens can be customised for up to three different bikes focusing on completely different data. The 750 can be integrated with an E-bike motor in the forest one day and navigate a road ride the next with full TSS and power data displayed.

    Rider 750 is $429.95rrp. Supplied with:

  • Alloy Out front mount and optional Stem mount + O-rings
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Warranty Card
  • Instruction Manual + Touch Screen Quick Guide
    Or $549.95rrp bundle which includes the items listed above plus a Smart Bluetooth/Ant+ heart rate strap, speed sensor and cadence sensor.

    Bryton Rider 420 and Bryton Rider 320

  • Class leading battery with up to 35 hour run time
  • High quality optically bonded 2.3” display visible in even low light conditions
  • Supported by full GNSS satellite coverage with incredibly fast start up operation
  • Very easy to customise on screen data with up to 8 functions per screen
  • Large font size can be customised into the data screen for ease of viewing

    High quality and fully customizable screen allow riders to display up to eight data fields with large font size a great feature for low light conditions.

    These exciting GPS models have been raced at the highest level and offer advanced features like power data, heart rate, smartphone integrations, and GPS navigation without paying the usual premium. The features offered by these models meet the requirements of the many of the world’s most demanding riders. The computer is both Bluetooth and ANT+ enabled and instantly pairs to a range of sensors.  An easily activated backlight is a really handy feature for early morning rides and the screen has the right amount of contrast to remain highly visible in most light conditions. It’s also incredibly easy to customise the screen for night rides by reducing the number of data fields on your screen. With three data fields the font size increases substantially making it very, very easy to view. The unit takes just a few seconds to get them up and running with initiation noticeably faster than that of the opposition. These units feature 35-hours of battery life If connected to multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time like a power meter, cadence sensor and heart rate strap you should easily expect 25 hours out of battery life under normal operating conditions. The crystal-clear screen can display up to five pages of eight data fields with your standard speed, distance, cadence as well as more detailed training metrics like TSS, intensity factor, left/right power balance and more. Handy altitude features can also be viewed such as meters ascended, current altitude and current gradient. There are also two additional data pages reserved for lap summaries.

    What’s the difference between a Bryton Rider 420 and a Bryton Rider 320?

  • The 420 is Garmin Radar compatible. Essentially the head unit notifies the rider there is a vehicle coming from behind which is a safety feature becoming more and more popular.

    Distance to a point of interest functionality and distance to peak are invaluable for those competing in road races or travelling on cycling holidays

  • The 420 offers turn by turn navigation and distance to next peak and point of interest (POI) calculations. If you race on the road or ride gran fondo events these features are invaluable. the 420’s directions are easy to follow, listing the street names, the distance remaining to each turn and providing an arrow to show the direction required.
  • Smart trainer and Training Peaks workouts are supported. While training indoors you can program into the Rider 420 your desired power and resistance levels pre-programmed intervals. At pre-programmed intervals.

    Rider 420 is $219.95rrp and the Rider 320 is $189.95rrp. This includes:

  • Stem mount + O-rings
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Warranty Card
  • Instruction Manual + Touch Screen Quick Guide
    Its $319.95rrp for the 420 bundle which includes the items listed above plus a Smart Bluetooth/Ant+ heart rate strap and cadence sensor. The 320 bundle comes in at $289.95rrp

    Rider 15 Neo GPS Computer

  • Incredible value for money
  • great GPS accuracy and stable Bluetooth connectivity
  • Connects with speed, cadence and heart rate monitors
  • Smart phone notifications
  • Substantially smaller and with greater accuracy for those considering a smart phone mount

    The Rider 15 stands tall amongst the best value budget GPS bike computers on the market offering many of the same features offered on GPS units twice the price. The Rider 15 Neo is supported by three satellite systems (GPS / Galileo / QZSS), the latest BLE Bluetooth sensor connectivity and high accuracy 1-second recording. The Rider 15 Neo will also record up to 16 hours of riding, not that anyone does that all at once. In reality it’s nice to know you don’t need to charge the unit after every single ride. Compared to the outgoing model, the Rider 15 Neo now offers a much improved 2” segment type HTN LCD display featuring better contrast and data layout. This essentially means you can customise the screen in a predefined layout, with up to 4 data fields per page. Using the Bryton Active App it’s easy to manually select data like speed, distance and cadence to appear on screen. It’s a nice feature that typically is missing from other budget GPS computers. Smart notifications like email/call alerts are also included. As with other Bryton computers, the Rider 15 Neo is ready to ride right out of the box and offers great GPS accuracy and stable Bluetooth connectivity with options to add on speed, cadence and heart rate monitors. Its worth keeping in mind if you are wanting to connect things like a heart rate monitor or cadence sensor it may be worth considering upgrading to the Rider 320 which allows up to eight fields of data to be displayed on the screen. The Rider 15 Neo allows for four. It’s hard to argue with the value proposition here, the Rider 15 Neo offers incredible value and should be considered a huge upgrade for very little extra money for anyone considering a phone mount for their bike.

    What's in the box?

  • Rider 15 Neo GPS Computer
  • Stem mount + O-rings
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Warranty Card
  • Instruction Manual + Touch Screen Quick Guide

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