Santini - Your chamois, explained - A guide to Santini Men's range

Santini - Your chamois, explained - A guide to Santini Men's range

The key to any decent pair of cycling shorts will be the chamois used – after all, it’s literally a pain in the butt if you get it wrong! With that in mind, here are the different models of Santini chamois, as well as a quick explanation of the technology behind each.


The eMAX is Santini’s most affordable chamois, used in the entry level Fase shorts and bibshorts, as well as many of Santini’s pro team replica kits. The pad has a multi-density foam construction that Santini say make it well suited to indoor training and outdoor rides up to 3 hours in length. You’ll find the pad minimally intrusive while riding – perfect for those still getting used to the feel of cycling shorts.



The first chamois in the Santini lineup to incorporate gel into the padding, the GITevo features in the mid-range Scatto, Ace, and Eureka bibshorts, designed for rides up to 6 hours in length. The pale blue pad has a Twist Gel silicone core that helps to absorb vibrations and shocks from the road, while the remainder of the pad is made using a carved construction process that ensures that the pad is thick enough for comfort without requiring additional seams or stitching.



The NAT chamois is the second most advanced pad in the Santini range, and can be found in the NAT pad contains the same gel core of the GITevo chamois, but adds layers of multi-density foam to ensure maximum shock protection with minimal bulk. Perhaps most relevant for Australian conditions, there are perforations throughout the chamois to ensure optimum breathability even in the hottest weather, so it’s a great option for summer riding.



The C3 pad is the pinnacle of the Santini chamois range, designed for long distance endurance cycling, and used in the high end Genio, Redux and Sleek+ bibshorts, as well as the Genio RS+ and Redux roadsuits. The C3 name comes from the 3 layers of multi-density foam employed throughout the base of the pad, while the unpadded surfaces are kept thin to help the pad better adhere to the curvatures of the body. There’s also a core of what Santini calls Rooted Gel located under the sit bones to help absorb vibrations from harsh road surfaces. Looking to experience the very best in Santini’s chamois technology?