Santini - Redux Ultra-Performance line

Santini - Redux Ultra-Performance line

Santini Cycling Wear presents the REDUX family of ultra-lightweight, ergo-aerodynamic cycling performance clothing for 2018. Created in our Bergamo factory from all Italian materials, REDUX was born from an experiment to push the envelope of what’s possible in a cycling kit.


“In many ways, REDUX was a skunkworks project that actually came to fruition,” says Santini lead designer Fergus Niland.

The term Skunk Works originates with aerospace manufacturer Lockheed Martin. Their secret military and spy-agency development group, responsible for famous aircraft including the U-2, the SR-71 Blackbird, and the F-35 Lightning II, was named Skunk Works after a moonshine factory in the newspaper comic strip Li'l Abner. Today, "skunkworks" is widely used to describe a group within an organization given autonomy and the task of working on advanced or secret projects. At Santini, Niland and his team use their skunkworks-style freedom to experiment with fabrics and patterns in the pursuit of the perfect cycling kit.

REDUX was originally inspired by a new woven fabric called Prey that offered greater weight reduction, thermal-regulation, and friction/drag reduction than the knitted fabrics typically used for cycling clothing. The team then adopted some of our most-advanced clothing-construction techniques, like laser-cut, concealed rear pockets for a reduced aero profile, and thermo-sealed seams that we use to fully exploit the innate super-elastic and compressive nature of that fabric. Those elements, plus a pared down design for a super-clean aesthetic, resulted in REDUX, the streamlined, ultra-high-performance family of cycling clothing that now sits at the very top of our product line.


The REDUX name comes from our desire to reduce, reduce, reduce (weight, aero drag, details, design elements, etc.) for this project. The REDUX road family is comprised of a two-piece cycling kit and a one-piece speed suit.


Ultralight and breathable, the REDUX jersey is aerodynamically cut and offers excellent UV protection (UPF 50+). Heat-sealed seams guarantee a body-hugging fit that optimizes air flow around the body. Made from Prey fabric with Flow inserts, the REDUX jersey is stretchy and exerts a gentle compression, reducing drag even during high-speed training sessions. The rear pockets are made with a virtually invisible, laser-cut, heat-sealed openings that lay flat when riding.


Made from Thunderbike fabric with a silicone-dotted leg gripper, REDUX bibs shorts hug the body without restricting movement. We reduced stitching to an absolute minimum to keep the profile clean. We added the innovative C3 chamois, which is designed with a molded surface of different densities and gel inserts to cushion the sit bones.


Perfect for time trials and fast road rides, the REDUX speed suit is extremely, light, aerodynamic and, of course, breathable. Wind tunnel-tested, the REDUX speed suit was specifically designed to cut drag to a minimum. Just like the jersey, the speed suit features heat-sealed sleeve cuffs and invisible, laser-cut pockets. The lower half is made from Fitter fabric and also includes our innovative C3 padding.