Energise Your Workout: Discover Our Premium Energy Range

Energise Your Workout: Discover Our Premium Energy Range

Fuel Up for Peak Performance with Science in Sport

Just like a long car journey requires a full tank of fuel, tunes for the ride, and a reliable sat-nav, your body needs the right kind of fuel to power through exercise and achieve peak performance. Neglecting to fuel up can leave you running on empty, much like a car sputtering to a halt. But fear not, at Science in Sport's (SiS), we've got you covered with our comprehensive range of energy products designed to keep you going before, during, and after your training.

Energy Essentials for Exercise

It's no secret that energy is crucial for exercise. The feeling of being energetic or lethargic is directly tied to our energy levels, which are influenced by what we eat. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are the primary sources of energy, with much of it stored in our muscles and converted into motion during physical activity. Along with water for hydration and nutrient absorption, these food groups work together to provide glucose and maintain muscle health, essential for energy production.

Think of your body as a battery that needs constant recharging, especially when exercising. Our range of energy products ensures that you have the right fuel at the right time.

GO Energy Gels: Quick, Convenient Energy

Our GO Energy Gels are perfect for those needing a fast energy boost. Available in various flavours, these gels offer an easily digestible carbohydrate source. The world’s first isotonic energy gels, they can be taken without water, preventing bloating during exercise. For an added kick, try our GO Energy + Caffeine Gels, perfect for improving concentration and alertness before a workout.

GO Energy + Electrolyte Gels: Hydration and Energy in One

These gels are a lifesaver in hot conditions or during intense workouts, replacing electrolytes lost through sweat. They're more convenient than carrying a water bottle and provide an instant energy and electrolyte boost.

GO Energy Bakes: Delicious, Nutritious, On-the-Go

Our GO Energy Bakes are a tasty way to replenish energy during prolonged exercise. Each bake provides a 30g carb hit, essential for maintaining energy levels. Available in flavours like orange, they're a convenient and delicious way to fuel up.

Energy Powders: Boost Your Water with Power

Transform your water into an energy drink with our Energy Powders. These high-energy carbs can be consumed before, during, and after exercise, keeping your energy levels consistent and supporting endurance and performance.

Don't Let Your Energy Levels Dip

Just as you wouldn't embark on a long drive without checking your fuel gauge, exercising with low energy can hinder your performance. Avoid fatigue and dehydration by refueling with our energy range. Whether you're hitting the gym, the track, or the road, we have the products to keep you energised and performing at your best.

Fuel Your Fitness Journey with Science in Sport

Explore our range today and discover why Science in Sport is a trusted leader in energy and endurance nutrition worldwide. Our products are #fuelledbyscience and trusted by Informed Sport, ensuring you get the best to perform at your best.

Ready to elevate your energy levels? Check out Science in Sport energy range and keep your fitness journey on track.