Bryton - Rider 750 thoughts & experience

Review by - Rod Pedals

I have had several rides with the Bryton Rider 750 and here are my thoughts/experience...

1) I found it easy to pair and setup with my various sensors incl. eTap.
2) The unit feels/looks solid and just a smidge longer than a Garmin 830.
3) Having been used to a Wahoo/Garmin, the UX (user experience) is different with the Rider 750. It’s not a negative. It’s just different approach from what we are all used to.
4) I found it easier to initially set up when I paired it with my phone.
5) The overall UI (user interface) of the 750 is easy enough to learn but again, just different to a Wahoo/Garmin.
6) It paired nicely with my Garmin Varia Radar. This is awesome compatibility! It was able to warn me of incoming rear traffic incl. faster/fitter riders that overtook me (not a hard thing to do!)
7) I do prefer the Garmin 830’s screen clarity when it came to sun glare, but the Rider 750 held its own as I flowed in and out of the sun/shade. I did try the voice navigation. Still 50/50 for me. I think it’s a feature we don’t think we need, but when you have it, it could be rather useful especially those cold morning starts!
9) I love how easy it was to plot a course on the Bryton app and upload it to the Rider 750. This to me was one of the great highlights compared to others out there in the market. A much simpler and more streamlined affair. 10) I’m a simple guy. I like my key metrics. But the Rider 750 has plenty to even fill those data savvy individuals.

In summary, the Bryton Rider 750 is a great device. Packs a punch for the price point, plus it finds its niche features in a heavily saturated market. If you are a Wahoo/Garmin fangirl or fanboy, have an open mind when it comes to the UX. Another great option in the market and can only be a positive for consumers.

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