Bryton - Rider 750 The NEW Versatile

Bryton - Rider 750 The NEW Versatile

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Bryton Inc today announced the launch of a new addition to its premier GPS Cycle Computer product line, the Rider 750.This new device will feature a 2.8” color touchscreen with an upgraded Graphical User Interface (GUI), Navigation on pre-loaded OSM maps and will be the first Bryton device with on-device Voice Search as well as ANT+ FE-C (Fitness Equipment Control) smart trainer support.

With the launch of this model, Bryton also offers a vast array of new features to complement its new capabilities, including the Virtual Track Simulation and Virtual Power Workout, which utilize the Bryton Active App. Additionally, with the Rider 750, Bryton has increased its E-Bike compatibility by incorporating Shimano Steps support, which will allow Battery, Power Mode and ride duration data to appear in color on the Rider 750’s upgraded GUI.

“With the launch of the Rider 750, we hope to revolutionize Bryton’s product lineup”, stated Samuel Wang, Bryton CEO. “

The Rider 750 will arrive in most regions in November and will be available in two different bundles, with the basic bundle (Rider 750E), including the device and Sport Mount, starting at €249.95 and with the sensor bundle (Rider 750T), including the device, Sport Mount and Smart Cadence, Speed and Heart Rate Sensors, selling for €319.95. Along with a powerful 20-hour battery life, higher internal storage capacity, upgraded BLE 5.0 technology and full GNSS (5-Satellite) support, the Rider 750 will also feature:

Colour Touchscreen with GUI

Built with a large 2.8” color touch screen, the Rider 750 incorporates a new intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and easy-to-understand icons. Incorporating both a classic cycling page mode as well as a Graphical Mode for viewing cycling data in a dynamic multi-colored graphical setup. The sensitive touch screen also makes scrolling through data and map pages easy, even when wearing gloves.

Preloaded Maps & Ability to Update Maps

The Rider 750 comes preloaded with maps of major regions around the world. These free global maps are updated every 6 months for the most up-to-date ride data. Additional maps are also available for free download and can be uploaded to the Rider 750.

Online Navigation

Using downloadable OpenStreetMaps (OSM), Rider 750 provides location and detailed direction data at a glance. When using the navigation feature, you can view detailed turn-by-turn route guidance, including distance and direction information before every turn, and, when riding off route, the Rider 750 will automatically reroute to help get the ride back on track.

Follow Track with POI/Peak Information

Knowing the distance to your next stop is always motivating and useful. After setting up your POI and Peak info using the Bryton Active App, you can check the distance to your next POI or Peak in Follow Track mode, allowing you to make the right decision based on your status and stay motivated along the way.

Online Voice Search

With connection to the internet, you can use your voice to search for locations on the Rider 750, eliminating the need to use on-screen keyboards. Available in over 100 languages, the voice search features offer a faster, more intuitive, and more convenient to find POIs and other locations.

ANT+ FEC Smart Trainer Support

Now incorporating ANT+ FE-C (Fitness Equipment Control) smart trainer support, the Rider 750 offers greater versatility and compatibility for indoor trainings. Control your smart trainer right from the Rider 750 with the ability to customize the trainer's resistance level to fit your training goals or set the target power to achieve your desired wattage. Additionally, using the Bryton Active App Advanced Workout feature, customized trainings can be conveniently built and followed with a home Smart Trainer, making trainings even easier.

Virtual Ride

Experience endless possibilities from the comfort of home with Virtual Track Simulation. Utilizing ANT+ FE-C compatibility, the Rider 750 will work seamlessly with most smart trainers and can simulate recorded tracks from the Bryton Active App. These converted tracks can simulate different gradients which better emulate the on-road experience.

Smart Trainer Workout

Easily create custom virtual workouts for smart trainers with the Rider 750 at home! Training plans can be built with the Bryton Active App and downloaded directly to the Rider 750. With ANT+ FE-C support, the Rider 750 will communicate with your smart trainer to simulate the resistance from the training plan.

Bike Radar Support

The Rider 750 supports ANT+ Radar after simple pairing. While in the Meter Page, the radar strip will display approaching vehicles, utilizing the Rider 750’s vivid color screen for easy-to-understand vehicle icons and color changes for status. Additionally, audio alerts can be configured with the radar to notify you if an oncoming vehicle passes the distance threshold.

E-Bike Support

Incorporating E-Bike support for Shimano Steps, the Rider 750 can now display various E-Bike data for over 160 bicycle brands, including assist mode, assist level shifting mode, E-Bike battery, travel range and rear gear position.

3 Easy-to-Switch Bike Profiles

Now with support for up to 3 bike profiles, it is easier than ever to customize your device for any type of setup. Settings for each profile can be completely modified, including the ability to rename each profile, for any type of cycling.

Auto Sensor Scan

After pairing multiple sensors, the Rider 750 will employ the collective sensor pool to automatically scan for nearby active sensors. Simply confirm the sensor connection with the active sensor and it is ready to go, allowing you to freely switch sensors and bikes without hassle. Using the Bryton Active app, sensor names can be customized for easy recognition.