The Ultimate Guide To Building A DIY Bike Wash Stand

May 10, 2021
The Ultimate Guide To Building A DIY Bike Wash Stand

Planning on riding through winter this year? Check out our easy guide to building your very own DIY bike washstand! Our resident mechanic at BikeChain knocked up this beauty last weekend. Phill was sick of leaning his bike up against a wall and spraying mud all over the place when cleaning. If you're looking to build a permanent, easy to use bike wash stand in your backyard look no further. It’s also been quite handy to do quick bike repairs too. Read on to see how he did it…

How to build your washstand:

Starting with a trip down to local hardware store get the following:

  • 1x fence post 2100mm long, somewhere around 75mm x75mm to 100mmx100mm in size should be fine.
  • 1x 20kg bag of quick set concrete.
  • 1x Sausage in bread, no onions.

    Now back at home find your area you want to build your bike wash bay:
    You will need the following equipment:

  • Shovel
  • Level
  • Timber or star picket for support
  • Bike hook. Our BikeChain mechanic used the BBB - WALLMOUNT DELUXE STORAGE HOOK– Rated for 20kg
  • Power drill and accessories
  • Wheelbarrow or mixing buckets

    Time to get to work
    After you have located the appropriate area for the wash stand that’s away from the clothesline, dig out the ground with a hole for your post. Approximately 50cm deep should do it, and 30x30cm wide.

    Place the post in the ground, central to the hole. Place some small garden rocks at the base to support it and set the height:

  • Use a level to make sure its…um….. level and straight
  • Use the help of some star-pickets or small timber lengths to support the post and keep it in the correct spot.

    Mix the concrete and pour into the hole:

  • Use a level to make sure its….. level
  • Use a couple of star-pickets to help keep the post in place.
  • Check its level and straight again.

    Let the concrete set:

  • Don’t waste a good opportunity to get your bike dirty at the local trails.
  • Once dried, backfill hole.

    Install the Bike Hook:

  • Choose a height that works for you, hold a bike in place to establish the best height for you.
  • For our project it was about 1.4 meters from the ground.
  • Using a drill and provided screws install the hook to the front of the post.

    Stand Back and admire a job well done. Time to celebrate with a refreshing beverage whilst washing your bike! To make your job even easier this Winter, make sure you pick up a bottle of Morgan Blue Mud Off and a nice cleaning brush to make that bike look new again.

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