Hamax - Always make sure you mount the products correctly

Hamax - Always make sure you mount the products correctly

Always make sure that you have fastened the child bicycle seat correctly. If you have lost your user manual, you will find online manuals for download in the product section. Here are some tips to remember:

Rear seat with steel bar and fastening bracket:

  • Place the fastening bracket over the frame tube of the bike, the front cover facing forwards. Attach the bracket with the metal strips/ fastening screws.
  • Tighten and re-tighten the four screws. Check before each ride that the screws are sufficiently fastened.
  • Guide the steel bar ends all the way down into the bracket until you hear a CLICK and the two green safety indicators become visible.

  • Rear seat with carrier adapter:

  • Make sure your luggage carrier is approved for min. 25 kilos
  • Your luggage carrier must be between 120 and 180 mm.
  • The tube diameter of the luggage carrier must be between 10 and 20 mm.
  • Mount the carrier adapter to the seat (if not already mounted at purchase) like in the video below.
  • Fasten the safety strap around the seat pole.
  • Double check that the carrier adapter is securely fastened to the luggage carrier before your trip.