Bryton - Bryton Reinvents Its Companion App

Bryton - Bryton Reinvents Its Companion App

Bryton reinvents its app with better user interface, new features and greater stability.

Taipei, Taiwan — Bryton® today announced an all-new companion app for the company's GPS Cycle Computer product line. Set to be released on February 25th, the new app, now just called "Active" will feature a completely overhauled user interface that is more intuitive and easier to use, while also introducing more powerful features and functions. With much simpler interface navigation, reorganizing all menus and functions into easy-to-understand categories (instead of the single home-page navigation of the previous app), the app promises a fantastic new experience for its users.

“Enhancing our products to let cyclists use GPS cycle computers more conveniently has always been our mission,” said Samuel Wang, Bryton’s CEO “we want riders to spend more time on training and riding rather than worrying about how to upload their tracks.”

The new Active app will incorporate a multitude of new and revised features as well as additional functionality. One of these features supports interactive two-way Bluetooth communication between the app and the Bryton device, allowing users to modify almost all settings in their device with changes occurring in real time. Now it will be possible to modify preferences, user/bike profiles, add WLAN connections, and much more without ever having to touch a button on the computer. This "zero touch" approach to GPS bike computer setup will make it even easier and more convenient for users to completely customize their device without having to navigate through the device’s menus.

Continuing with the wireless trend, the all new app will "cut the cord" on having to connect the devices to a PC for updates and uploads. With the goal of a truly mobile experience, users will now be able to update their GPS data and Firmware or upload any activities "cable-free" directly from the Active app automatically, essentially eliminating the need to ever connect the device to a PC.

Internet connection will no longer have to be maintained for many of the app’s functions, instead relying on Bluetooth, allowing users to truly make the best use of their Bryton computers whenever and wherever. The improved and more stable Bluetooth connectivity will allow users to sync and plan their workouts, download planned trips, view/upload ride logs, modify device and grid settings, and calibrate altitude all without WLAN connection.

The new Active app also seeks to vastly improve the overall customer experience. After pairing one of Bryton's GPS cycle computers with the app, the app will check the firmware version and GPS data of the device and notify users that updates are available, ensuring that the most up-to-date firmware is always installed.

The Active app will be compatible with all of the same devices as the previous Bryton app from the time of launch. The newly added features, such as Auto Sync Track, Auto Calibration Altitude, and Auto Pause, will be available initially only for Rider 410, Rider 450 and Aero 60 users and will roll out for older models shortly afterwards.