BBB - How to find the best light for your bicycle

BBB - How to find the best light for your bicycle

Bicycle lights: A light for every situation

Autumn has started. This means that the days are getting shorter and the nights will be longer. Off course this is not a reason to leave your bike in the shed. Because commuting is possible all year long. A little storm, some hard wind and leaves on the road can’t stop you. Not even the darkness that reigns when you are getting on your bicycle towards work. As long as it is safe to cycle, you will commute. And with a set of good lights you will keep yourself visible for other and get a perfect view on the road in front of you.

How to select the best light for your situation can be a big task. So, we are glad to help you with this decision and you read all about it in this blog. We distinguish four different situations in which you can use a different light.

  • Lights to use in the city
  • Cycling on illuminated bike paths
  • Cycling on unlit bike paths
  • In a nightly forest

    1. Lights to use in the city

    Do you always cycle through the city? On roads which are illuminated perfectly. In that case you need bicycle lights which make you visible for other traffic during your ride. We talk about little lights that can be easily attached to a bicycle or cycling clothes. These lights will give a maximum bulb of 150 lumen and are price-friendly.


    With the Spy you will never again be surprised by the darkness of the city. Just keep these multifunctional lights in your pocket or backpack and you are safe. The compact lights are extremely suitable for use in the city. They are quickly installed on your bike with the rubber o-ring and the SpyCombo (front and backlight) is available in two types.

    The version with batteries (BLS-123) is extremely durable and the USB version (BLS-127) has a nice bright bundle. Choose the battery version when you need a light that lasts up to 50 hours and even 150 hours in flash mode. The USB has the option to charge the lights wherever you want with its USB connection.


    Are you going for extreme visibility and a lot of light in all directions? In this case the Signal is your light. This lamp provides you with a bright white or red COB LED light. Even on very dark cityspots these lights will provide you with enough light. And with the silicon strap you mount the lights easily on a steer or seatpost. As well horizontally as vertically. A big benefit because this makes them a fit for every bike.

    2. Cycling on illuminated bike paths

    Do you cycle out of the city on your way to work, but do you stay on illuminated bike paths. In that case you need a light with a big bundle. Lights that will make you visible when there is less light provided by your surroundings. That will keep you safe and makes sure you will mention every gap in the road in front of you.


    The Stud gives you a nice bundle on the road without blinding upcoming traffic. This light is provided with three modes which make it suitable for use in and outside the city. With only one push on the button you can switch between a big and a small bundle and flash mode. Charging can be done everywhere and easily by using the USB cable.

    3. Cycling on unlit bike paths

    When you need to travel over unlit bike paths when riding to work, you need to have good visibility on the road ahead of you. Nobody want to be surprised by undiscovered gaps and holes. So, you need a bicycle light that illuminates the whole road and keeps you safe.


    With the Scout you are secured of a light with a big bundle that will make everything in front of you visible. This compact and lightweight headlight can be mounted on a steer and a helmet. The light has for modes to increase the power of the bundle in darker conditions.


    Be never overtaken by the darkness with the Strike. This headlight secures you from a perfect view in every circumstance. The 6 modes make this light a perfect fit for city traffic and extremely dark unlit bike paths. This multifunctional light has a 180° rotatable body which allows upside and downside mounting. This makes it easy to operate it in all situations. So, perfect to commute all year long.

    4. In a nightly forest

    When you are going to ride through the forest at night you need a light with an extremely big bundle. You want to look very far ahead in every circumstance. This is why you need a bicycle light that gives you absolute freedom to ride as hard through the night as you would do during the day.


    With the Scope you have the most extreme bicycle light of them all-in hands. The XML Cree LED gives a power of 1500 Lumen. This let no spot in the forest unlit. You can mount it on your steer and helmet and other different spots. This gives you the possibility to decide where to shine the light from your helmet or keep it stable on your steer. And with the water resistant aluminium housing you are protected against all other weather conditions as well. No storm will take away your light.