A Quick Guide to Buying Sealskinz Socks

We have a commitment to making the best outdoor accessories on the planet. And with that commitment comes the idea that we can never stop improving. That’s why when our community let us know there was a little confusion about which socks, gloves and hats were right for the activity they were doing and in the climate they were doing it in, we saw it as a huge opportunity to improve how we do things. In 2019, we re-conceptualized our system of socks, hats, and gloves to be better aligned around weather and climate. The idea was that it would better enable Sealskinz customers to easily find the right accessory that works best for them. Every system, even the best ones, need a little explanation, so let’s get into the quick guide for buying Sealskinz.

The weather rating system
To make it as easy as possible, we’ve included the intended weather type as a part of the product name. It seemed to be the best solution for getting someone quickly to the products most likely to be a fit.

When you see the word solo in our product names, it simply means that instead of a three-layer construction, it is a one-layer, or solo, construction. Meant for everyday use, these socks have a comfortable close fit and allow maximum breathability and moisture management.

Warm Weather

Crafted with minimal insulation, when you see a sock or glove named with the term ‘Warm Weather,’ it means it’s suitable for warmer climates as well as wet conditions. The inner lining is made of a bamboo blend designed to keep you dry and comfortable during warmer weather activities.

All Weather
Our All Weather line provides the perfect balance of both breathability and warmth. The products in this line have a merino wool blend interior for moisture control, breathability, and the perfect amount of insulation. It’s our ‘all around’ fabrication making it perfect for both cooler and warmer conditions alike.

Cold Weather

Crafted with additional insulation, Cold Weather products are ideal for cold and wet conditions. A merino wool blend interior lining with added terry loop stitching that helps to keep you warm by trapping and retaining heat.

Think of it like the hairs on your arm. When it’s cold outside, tiny muscles around the hair follicles cause the hairs to stand up to trap more heat close to your body. This is the same idea with the extra terry loop stitching in this product line. It gives you that extra heat retention on the coldest of days.

Extreme Cold Weather
The word extreme should tip you off with this product line. These accessories are crafted with the thickest insulation. They are the perfect fit for when you’ll be outside during extremely cold and wet conditions where thermal retention is of the essence.

The Climate Guide
In addition, each of our products is associated with a climate guide. Just another way to help you choose the best product. Keep in mind that how you feel warmth or cold is always subjective and dependent on what your activity level. So definitely taking into consideration your personal operating temperature when determining what works best for you.

Climate rating 0-1
A good everyday option, accessories that fall into the 0-1 climate category are lightweight and have little to no insulation making them perfect for warmer temps.

Climate rating 1-2
Still lightweight and breathable, these accessories bridge the gap between warm summer days and crisper fall mornings. Run a little hot? This is a good option for you on a brisker day.

Climate rating 2-3
A good mid-range climate option for when you’ll most likely come across wet and chillier conditions yet don’t have a need for extreme insulation. Perfect for those late fall early spring days when you could get a little frosty.

Climate rating 3-4
A balance of warmth and breathability, these accessories have got you covered when it’s both cold and wet. Run cold? Look for a 3 or 4 to give you that extra kick of warmth you need.

Climate rating 4-5
A heavy duty option with high levels of insulation perfect for extremely cold and wet conditions. You’ll feel perfectly comfortable when snow and cold are at your doorstep.

Climate rating 5+
Usually a heated option, gear in this category adds that extra layer of protection you need for the coldest of conditions

Now you’re an expert…
So there you have it. The rundown on why we switched gears and went from organizing our accessories based on activity, to a more weather related approach.

We hope this allows our incredible Sealskinz community to find the sock, glove or hat that works best for them. Because after all, our goal is to enable you to stay outside longer, push hard and never turn back.